This larger size salmon with a mild taste is a natural choice for smoking and canning in which the wood-smoked and brine-soaked process creates its own profile. Meanwhile, the flaky texture of cooked keta salmon holds up well. Tens of millions of keta salmon are typically caught each year, next to only pink and sockeye. Canned and smoked keta salmon is popular among those who are looking for a regular supply of wild salmon at an affordable price.

Frozen smoked keta salmon will last for several months without losing quality and will remain safe to eat almost indefinitely. Properly sealed, canned keta salmon will keep for many years. Once opened, any portions of uneaten salmon can be resealed in a plastic Ziplock bag and put in the refrigerator where it will last for at least a few days.  

Many people are interested in wild Alaskan salmon for its low toxin levels. BPA-free jars are another way to prepare and preserve your keta salmon for long periods of time while still being healthier than “processed” foods. By taking these extra measures, canned salmon is, without a doubt, good for you—even when consumed on a daily basis.

Canned and Smoked Keta Salmon for Sale

Because of the long harvesting season, there’s seemingly always canned and smoked keta salmon for sale at a reasonable price. Better yet, because these products aren’t immediately perishable, ground shipping is sufficient for most locations. Nevertheless, as part of a larger order or special discount, you might be able to save on keta salmon costs by placing a bigger order or a specific pre-packaged amount.

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DIY Keta Salmon Smoking and Canning

Unless you’re traveling with a group of people, then even a single keta salmon is likely to produce more meat than you’ll enjoy in a single meal. If you’re fortunate to pull more than one keta salmon from the water, it can be a nifty thing to know how to clean, smoke, and preserve your salmon catch. You can also order frozen, uncooked keta salmon fillets as part of a personal smoking and/or brine recipe that you can oversee in a controlled home environment.

For subsistence or as a culinary project, here are some DIY guides we recommend from The Alaska Life and Instructables. Whether you want to recreate the Alderwood-smoked flavor that is part of the Alaskan heritage or you have your own favorite smoke flavor and recipe, there’s no need to get hung up on sockeye or king salmon. Get the nutrition and peace of mind that comes with wild Alaskan salmon, and get it at a price where you can feel comfortable.

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