This family-owned-and-operated business has decades of experience in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. A handful of employees include experienced deckhands and seafood foodies deliver top-notch quality and unquestioned integrity. Rather than trying to cut corners and scale up, The Wild Salmon Company sticks to its policies and values of 100% sustainability and labeling integrity. You can trust what you’re getting with The Wild Salmon Company. The only downside is that their products are only available for a few short months of the year, October through December.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Sockeye Salmon $15.60 10 pounds See Below

Company Name: The Wild Salmon Company
Owners: Heidi, Steve, Toonces, Bill, Karen (The Dunlap Family)
329 Emma Rd
Asheville, NC
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While The Wild Salmon Company catches their salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, they process and ship all of their product back to their home base in Asheville, NC. Thus, the fastest one-day delivery is NC, SC, as well as much of VA, TN, and KY. From there, the delivery goes up as you cross the country. Deliveries usually arrive from Weds-Fri, depending on where you live, but it can take as long as 5 days to reach the Pacific Northwest. The Wild Salmon Company ships their products on Tuesdays using FedEx Ground Transit.

Their seafood is also available for local pickup, through buying clubs, and at farmers markets throughout the Carolinas starting in October. As a company philosophy, they don’t offer free shipping so as to help their local customers save money, but they price their seafood accordingly. Their most popular, limited-quantity items can start to sell out by the beginning of November, but most of their products are available until December or January. After that, you’ll have to wait till next year.

Up to 23 lbs, orders will cost $38 for shipping.
24-33 lb orders will cost $49 for shipping.
34-60 lb orders will cost $76 for shipping.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay

Types of Fish

Sockeye Salmon, Alaska Cod, Nova Lox (Sockeye), Smoked Salmon, Sockeye & Cod Combo, Salmon Jerky, Smoked Keta, Sockeye Tails, Black Cod Portions, Smoked Salmon Sampler, Sushi Grade Tuna, King Candy Strips.

Quality and Sustainability

Again, they take these goals to heart and don’t compromise. With The Wild Salmon Company, you never have to read the fine print or doubt that you’re eating seafood that came from Bristol Bay. They’re certified sustainable in some of the most tightly regulated fishing waters in the world. All their seafood is wild-caught and thus have no GMOs.