The Wild Alaskan Company is committed to bringing more of Alaska’s sustainably-harvested wild salmon and seafood to the lower 48 states. Rather than importing fish that was unsustainably farmed, rather than consuming less healthy farm-raised salmon, you can get wild-caught seafood delivered straight from Alaska. Monthly shares make it possible to completely replace your farm-raised seafood habits with only a modest increase to your household food budget.

More than just a fanciful or seasonal treat of wild-caught Alaskan salmon, people who are looking to make this top-shelf seafood product a regular part of their household food budget will find a great partner with the Wild Alaskan Company. Build up a small network of friends and family and you can bring down the cost per salmon fillet for everybody in your group. For just a couple extra dollars per meal, you and your family can discover what seafood is supposed to taste like.


Company Name: Wild Alaskan Company
Owner: Arron Kallenberg
Address: N/A
Phone: N/A
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Monthly seafood shipments are carefully packaged in dry ice and an insulated box so it stays frozen throughout the day until you can pick it up. When you checkout, you will receive an expected delivery date. If this date doesn’t work with your schedule, you can talk to the Member Experience team about finding a new date.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay

Type of Fish

Sockeye, Coho, King salmon, as well as other types of salmon and wild species based on availability and season.

Quality and Sustainability

The company founder, Arron Kallenberg, left a career in software engineering because he was convinced he could transform the seafood industry through online fishermen-direct and bring sustainably-sourced wild Alaska seafood to people throughout the country. You can find year-round quality and sustainability based on seasonal availability. You will be able to effortlessly enjoy sockeye, coho, and king salmon as they become available each year. Small-batch sourcing ensures freshness and sustainability. For those who are ready to take the plunge and leave farm-raised seafood behind forever, the Wild Alaskan Company is a great way to do it.