Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood is a small, privately-owned fishery based in King Salmon, Alaska. This is great choice for consumers who are looking for a mom-and-pop-style company that controls every part of the fishing process. They never compromise on quality or sustainability in their salmon. The fish that arrive on your doorstep were often pulled from the ocean only a few days before. As the company likes to say, the only way to get it fresher is to come to Bristol Bay yourself.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon $24.00 / $19.99 / $18.49 5lbs / 10lbs / 20lbs FREE
Wild Caught King Salmon $34.99 / $29.99 / $27.49 5lbs / 10lbs / 20lbs FREE
Wild Caught Keta Salmon $15.99 / $13.99 / $12.99 5lbs / 10lbs / 20lbs FREE

Company Name: Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood
Owners: Tony Wood and Heather Huffman
Year Founded: 2000
PO Box 602
King Salmon, AK
Phone: 907-246-7883
Contact Email: info@wildalaskasalmonandseafood.com
Website: https://wildalaskasalmonandseafood.com/


Shipping is free for all standard online orders, as well as Special Orders of $150 or more. Free shipping is only available in the lower 48 states and for standard FedEx Ground service. Overnight rush delivery and international deliveries are also available for an additional fee. For orders of 50 lbs or more, you can typically get wholesale shipping rates, but you’ll need to contact the company to get an exact quote. See information above.

All orders are shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays and typically arrive between Tuesday and Friday. Orders are carefully packaged with dry ice and insulation inside a corrugated shipping box. Online confirmation and tracking are available through FedEx. Occasionally, a package will arrive a day early, or it may arrive day late if inclement weather prohibits travel. Put the fish in the freezer until ready to be consumed. Consume salmon within two days of thawing in the refrigerator.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay. Their fish and seafood is verified as locally-sourced by The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).

Type of Fish

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild King Salmon, Pacific Halibut, Ahi Tuna, Pacific Cod, Smoked Salmon, Spice Rub

History and Story

The story of Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood starts with Captain Tony Wood who worked as a hunting and fishing guide to some of the best resorts in Southwest Alaska. During this time, he learned two things. First, fresh and wild salmon tastes amazing while delivering substantial health benefits. And second, not enough people were able to enjoy everything that salmon had to offer because it would sit on a fishing boat for a few days, then transported to a huge processing center and distribution centers before heading to your local seafood and supermarkets.

Captain Tony Wood decided to do it better and bring salmon to consumers while the quality of the fish was still at its peak. He caught a big break when Heather Huffman came on board as manager, co-owner, and wife. In 2014, they added Josh Hermes as Operations Manager and began to expand their presence at local organic markets.

Quality and Sustainability

Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood ensures the highest measures of quality and sustainability by avoiding the lure of scaling up to a massive commercial operation. From catching the fish to delivering them to the shore each day, from cleaning and processing them to freezing and sealing them, they handle every part of the process. By using a wet process, they offer some of the highest-quality wild salmon in the world. They strictly follow all the rules and guidelines issued by the State of Alaska and The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.