Taste of Alaska is a Montana-based company that fishes Bristol Bay during the summer months to source salmon and other seafood for the Missoula community as well as online sales throughout the country. Looking for a website and online seafood company that’s easy to use and allows you to order precisely what you want? There are no minimum orders or pre-packaged boxes. Simply tell them what you want and where you want it sent, and you can get their wild Alaskan seafood delivered straight to your door.

Semimonthly delivery offers a measure of regularity without unduly inflating the shipping costs. Estimated costs are available when checking out. The final invoice can be paid after delivery either by check or through PayPal. Residents of Missoula have it even easier. Clark Fork River Market serves as the primary retail outlet for Taste of Alaska salmon and seafood.

Company Name: Taste of Alaska
Owner: N/A
Year Founded: 2009
Address: 5504 Prospect Drive, Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: (406) 240-8480
Contact Email: info@tasteofalaskasalmon.com
Website: https://tasteofalaskasalmon.com/


There is no minimum order needed, but shipping costs are applied after checking out so customers generally need to be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get a reasonable return on a single delivery. The company makes it easy to receive a delivery. You simply choose one of the semi-monthly delivery dates, but a cooler outside your home on the date of delivery, and your package of frozen seafood will be deposited in the cooler.

Where They Fish

The five fishing districts of Bristol Bay

Type of Fish

Salmon, halibut, cod

Quality and Sustainability

During the summer months, the crew lives and works on the F/V Bracor Bay. This gillnet vessel harvests sockeye salmon which are then hand-picked, bled, and held in circulating refrigerated salt water (RSW) before being offloaded on to tender boats. This process creates the best-tasting wild salmon available today.

Taste of Alaska strictly adheres to all sustainability standards of the Marine Stewardship Council as well as the Fish and Game personnel for each of the Bristol Bay water districts who monitor the number of salmon in their district and determine when open fishing is permitted. Even if you don’t live in Montana, you’ll know that your wild Alaska seafood was sustainably harvested and carefully handled when it arrives at your door.