Sitka Salmon Shares is a very unique company. Rather than having a sole fish provider, many different fishing families comprise Sitka Salmon, operating under one collective name. This places an important emphasis on community; the families work together to produce and share a product worth ordering. Additionally, there is the added benefit that Sitka Salmon Shares has a lot of fresh stock throughout the fishing season. With each family contributing catches throughout the year, sometimes including different seafood, this company is almost never sold out.

In addition to community, Sitka Salmon Shares prioritizes high quality. All of their salmon is wild caught.

Company Name: Sitka Salmon Shares
Year Founded:
Owners: Nic Mink
216 Smith Street B
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (309) 342-3474
Contact Email:


Seafood deliveries are done monthly and can be tailored to fit your cooking needs. A Sitka Salmon Share will be delivered each month from August to November. This share consists of several different varieties of Salmon. Sitka Salmon Shares starts at $99 per month, but there are several options available depending on your needs. They also have one-time holiday boxes so that you can sample the catch from the season. Promo codes and special deals frequently run, so check back periodically.

Where They Fish

Sitka Salmon Shares is based out of Sitka Alaska, and the families that comprise the company fish throughout the waters of The Last Frontier. The fish sourced through Sitka Salmon Shares originates in the Southeastern region of Alaska, where many salmon fisheries provide a bountiful harvest.  

Type of Fish

Salmon is the primary fish species you can expect with Sitka Salmon Shares, but there are many different types of wild-caught seafood available. You can find halibut, sablefish, and lingcod as well as Coho, Sockeye and King Salmon. Check for seasonal availability.

How They Fish

Because this is a community endeavor, Sitka Salmon Shares only utilizes the most sustainable sourcing options available.

Quality and Sustainability

This is a collective business, meaning the people that catch the fish are the people that retain the profits. This business has a smaller scale, but the fact that many families operate collectively guarantees a community-based security net. This directly translates to the quality of the fish they have available. If a product isn’t the highest quality they can provide, they will not sell it.

Sitka Salmon Shares also works to make sure that their business practices are transparent. They have a vested interest in the environment, and they practice this by donating some of their profits back to salmon conservation. Additionally, they work hard to offset their carbon emissions on the distribution end of their business. When you buy from this salmon provider, you can rest assured that your money is going directly to the fishers and back into environmental conservation.