Company Name: Sena Sea Seafoods

Owners: Rich and Sena Wheeler
History: Rich has been a commercial fisherman for over 15 years.
Address: PO Box 256, Ardenvoir, WA 98811
Phone: (206) 486-2344
Contact Email:


Salmon Prices

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Copper River Sockeye Salmon $42.11+ 2 pounds Free@$100
Copper River King Salmon $49.50 2 pounds Free@$100
Copper River Coho Salmon $31.50 3 pounds Free@$100


Company Overview

Rich and Sena Wheeler are the married couple responsible for bringing some of the best salmon in the world to their customers. With a family tradition that goes 80 years and nearly two decades of personal experience in long-line and gillnet commercial fishing, the Wheelers know what they’re doing. Sena also has a Masters Degree in Food Science and worked in agricultural research and development before focusing on Sena Sea Seafoods and raising the family. Along with a commitment to stewardship and sustainability, this company checks all the boxes for people who are looking for the best sourced salmon in the world.


The fish shipped frozen and packed in dry ice. For freshness and quality, the company uses a 2-day shipping service that fills orders Monday through Wednesday. This ensures a weekday delivery. There is also an expedited shipping option. Otherwise, orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped on the following Monday. Delivery charges are added during checkout, but free shipping is usually available for orders over $100. For a 3lb box of salmon shipped to the middle of the country, the delivery cost is $25 for standard shipping and $60 for expedited shipping.

Where They Fish

Copper River

Type of Fish

Copper River Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Alaskan Black Cod

Quality and Sustainability

The Copper River is a long, powerful river that can only be traversed by salmon with large reserves of fat with extra high Omega-3 content. Part of the Bristol Bay area that is known for producing the best salmon in the world, this is some of the most nutritious and delicious-tasting fish you’ll ever have. Their Alaskan halibut and black cod is also not to be missed. By buying from the Wheelers and Sena Sea Seafoods, you’ll have a direct connection to the people who caught and filleted your fish and who have the highest commitment to quality and sustainability.