Company Name: Seattle Fish Company

Owners: Jon Daniels

Year Founded: 2004

Address: 4435 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Phone: 1-866-938-7576

Contact Email:



Salmon Prices




Seattle Fish Co. is right on the water in Western Seattle, where freshness seems to be the main priority, and for good reason. Next to the icy buckets full of the catch of the day, there’s a restaurant that sells the very fish they harvest from the water. You can order a wide range of fish and seafood from this location, or even step into the sea-side eatery and try the fresh fish for yourself.


When you order from Seattle Fish Company, you won’t be surprised by the shipping bill. It’s simple to calculate. First, a flat rate of $50.00, which is pretty standard for companies that go through FedEx and ship overnight. $50.00 will cover up to five pounds, and then there will be an additional charge of $4.00 for every subsequent pound.

Where They Fish

This fishery gets its name from the waters where it’s located. Found in Seattle, Washington, this fish market and restaurant is right on the waters. They don’t catch everything by themselves, and choose to import some varieties of shellfish and seafood, like their Alaskan Sea Scallops.

Type of Fish

Don’t think that just because they are a neighborhood fish market that Seattle Fish Co. sacrifices anything in flavor and variety. You’ll find plenty of different and delicious species of fish as well as different types of seafood available for purchase on their website.

Quality and Sustainability

If you want to verify the quality for yourself and you’re in the area, stop by the Seattle Fish Company grille and try the catch of the day. Prices reflect the high quality of the fish, and flavor is always the biggest indicator of freshness. The crew that works on the docks and at the grille all hold themselves to the same standard of providing high quality and delicious fish.