Seashaken is a family-owned fishing business based in Sitka, Alaska. The family boasts three generations of fishermen from the area. Ethical and environmentally sound fishing practices are very important to Seashaken, and they make it their business to conduct their fishing in a responsible way. Every fish they catch is caught using a baited hook, which means that there are no nets or other harmful equipment used in the process. This points up their emphasis on sustainable and humane fishing. Seashaken aims to cause as little harm to the environment and fish as possible, allowing consumers to experience the best flavor and texture Alaskan salmon has to offer.

Company Name: Seashaken
Owner: Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez
Year Founded: 2013
Sitka, Alaska
Phone: (907) 654-7733
Contact Email:


One of the most economical ways to ship fresh fish across America is to send bulk orders to select locations, which are then more easily distributed to customers. This company works with fish clubs to get their product into as many hands as possible. See if there is a fish club in your area with Seashaken, or start one of your own. You can order:

10 Lb Share of Wild Coho Salmon Fillets – $140.00

Whole Coho Salmon (Headed and Gutted) – $45.00

Another option is to order wholesale. This would probably not be a reasonable order for most family homes because orders must be placed at a minimum of 1,000 pounds, but this is a great option for larger food providers. Butchershops and restaurants might make better use of this.

Where They Fish

Seashaken is located in Southeastern Alaska. They reside in a small fishing community catching fish along the rocky coasts.  

Type of Fish

Seashaken keeps it simple, catching wild Coho salmon and King Salmon in the Southeastern Alaskan waters. King Salmon is not in stock as often, as the window for catching it is very small. As a result, it only appears once or twice in a season. Sometimes they also have Yelloweye Rockfish available to order.

Quality and Sustainability

Southeastern Alaska is home to some of the most well-maintained and highly regulated fishing grounds in the world, especially when it comes to wild fish stocks. Seashaken takes care to maintain a low impact on the environment, fish stocks, and local community as they relate to their fishing business.

Each fish is individually caught using baited hooks. No nets are used, meaning the meat does not get crushed or damaged, and there is little stress on the environment. They work hard to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and sustainability. Each fish is washed, processed, and frozen within 45 minutes of being caught, using a Frozen-at-Sea method.