Company Name: Sea to Table

Owner: Sean Dimin

Year Founded: 2010

Address: Not available

Phone: 800-868-2575

Contact Email:




Sea to Table embraces the belief that the best fish is the one that you catch yourself. However, the company handles that for their customers. They source seafood from each coast and deliver their products to customers’ doors. Sean Dimin’s passion for fish began at an early age. Dimin founded the company with his father and brothers. Before that, he learned all that he needed to know on fishing boats. He also spent time living in fishing communities. The business’s mission first and foremost is connecting families to the sea. Those involved with the company work to ensure that everyone can access delicious seafood.



These days, seafood lovers can order their favorite fish from almost anywhere in the country. Sea to Table ships their products primarily from a centralized cold storage facility in Virginia. It then enables the company to ship species from more than one coast in a single box. Most of their shipments to states such as Arizona, California, and Washington ship from the Washington State facility. The company currently only ships its products to the Continental United States. Orders up to $49.99 cost $45 in shipping and order totals of $50 to $98.99 cost $30 to ship. They ship orders of $99 or more for free. Place your order by midnight on Monday to receive same-week delivery. The company ships frozen items separately from non-frozen products.


Where They Fish

The company knows that many other businesses import seafood from overseas. Sea to Table only sells wild-caught seafood. They get their fish from well-managed United States fisheries. The company flash-freezes its home delivery fish in an effort to preserve its fresh taste. The seafood purveyors include where they get their fish on each product page. These locations range from New Bedford, Massachusetts for scallops to Yonges Island, South Carolina for sushi-grade tuna.


Type of Seafood

The company sells products that include wild gulf shrimp, salmon, halibut, scallops, cod, sole, and Atlantic longfin squid. The other products they sell are Atlantic winter skate, Maine lobster tails, and Gulf of Maine redfish. They sell many of their fish types in more than one variety. The company also values full transparency. Each package of fish bears a traceability label. You can see where the company sourced the seafood. You can also find out the catch method and the best-by date for each of their products.


Quality and Sustainability

Consumers today place a high value on seafood quality and sustainable sourcing. Therefore, all companies must be prepared to offer full transparency to all clients. Sea to Table strives to make its customers feel good about the fish that they eat and how the company delivers it. The boxes and insulation are certified OCC-E fully curbside recyclable. The company does not include any Styrofoam and ships most boxes on the ground. By reducing air shipments, they cut down their carbon footprint. Since its founding, the company has been a Certified B Corporation.

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