Schoolhouse Fish Co. is based out of Southeastern Alaska. Over the years, they have made it a priority to dedicate their time and a portion of their business earnings to advocate for wild salmon and salmon culture in Alaska. This family practices a wide range of fishing strategies in order to harvest seafood sustainably and promote sustainable fishing practices in their region.

Schoolhouse Fish Co. started their business out of a historic schoolhouse building in Petersburg, Alaska. This inspired the name for their business, and it serves as an important reminder that what we build today may last for many decades to come.

Company Name: Schoolhouse Fish Co
Owners: Eric Grundberg and Malena Marvin
Year Founded: 2015
PO Box 2193
Petersburg, AK 99833
Phone: (907) 957-1007
Contact Email:


Schoolhouse Fish Co. is currently shipping out their specialty, Tongass Wild Alder-Smoked Cogo. The most economical way they ship fish is through one of their Fish Clubs. Fish clubs allow Schoolhouse to ship a bulk order to a single person in a city. This person, the “captain”, will then distribute the orders to the other customers, or the “crew”. There is also the option of having your order sent directly to your door. This program is called the Shore to Door shipping option, and it is the more convenient of the two. That said, this is a small company, so get in contact with them to discuss the best options for you.

You can purchase shares of the catch during a season, or place an order for the following.

Snacker – two 8 oz. packs

Homesteader – fifteen 8 oz. packs

Winter Home Pack – thirty-five 8 oz. packs

Where They Fish

Schoolhouse Fish Co. fishes in the rivers and rainforests of southeast Alaska. They are locally minded and work hard to support their region and the native fish in it by promoting conservation and advocacy efforts around the Tongass National Forest.  

Type of Fish

Fans of Schoolhouse will be happy to learn that you can find more than just salmon at this company. Many different varieties of cold-water fish are available, including halibut, ling cod, sablefish, and of course salmon and smoked salmon. Their specialty is wild Coho salmon. If you’re looking to try several different types, you might like the variety pack they offer.

Quality and Sustainability

Schoolhouse Fish Co. only attaches their name to the fish they catch themselves. They catch all of their fish using hooks and lines, so no nets can get lost or pollute the pristine environment. Fish are flash frozen after they are caught to ensure a high quality flavor and guaranteed freshness.

Schoolhouse Fish Co. is dedicated to preserving the environment where they fish. In order to preserve the unique and bountiful fishing grounds of the Tongass National Forest, 10% of the profit they make from their Tongass sale go towards salmon conservation efforts.