Pride of Bristol Bay is best known for its sustainable, fisherman-direct sockeye salmon, and their industry-leading collaboration with Leader Creek Fisheries to bring an unprecedented level of traceability to your fish. You’ll know not only that your fish came from Bristol Bay, but the exact water district from which your fish was harvested. Pride of Bristol Bay focuses on catching and processing sockeye salmon throughout the summer and early fall months. They typically start selling and shipping their frozen salmon some time in November.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Wild Sockeye Salmon $16.99 20 pounds Free

Company Name: Pride of Bristol Bay
Owners: Matt Luck
Year Founded: 1994 (first boats), 2016? (when he founded/started promoting PoBB collective)
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Shipping starts on 11/26. Will update then.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay, duh. But again, if you’re looking to know the exact waters where your fish was harvested, the labeling system will tell you if the salmon comes from the Togiak, Egegik, or Ugashik Districts.

Type of Fish

Sockeye Salmon (fillets and portions)

Quality and Sustainability

Their innovative tracking system isn’t a gimmick, but indicative of the broader culture of the company and its fishermen. Every single catch is verified by a specialist to meet all the criteria necessary to get the “Best Fish” designation.

Pride of Bristol Bay does as good a job as anyone out there at harvesting a good quantity of salmon without compromising their methods or values. Of the approximately 1,500 or so boats that commercially fish Bristol Bay each year, a little less than 100 of them work with Pride of Bristol Bay. People in the lower 48 can get a reliable source of sustainable and wild-caught salmon for several months of the year, starting in November. The company also donates 1% of its sales to Trout Unlimited and its Bristol Bay conservation and advocacy programs.