Company Name: Oceanside Seafood

Owners: John Gebarowski and Family

Year Founded: 1984

Address: 3617 E Grand River Ave, Howell, MI 48843


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Salmon Prices



Oceanside Seafood has been serving local populations of seafood lovers in Michigan for 36 years. This family-run small business works hard to supply the best possible seafood to their shoppers. Are you a home chef looking to expand your repertoire by cooking seafood and fish dinners? These family fishers look forward to answering any questions you might have about the fare their provide, as well as recipes and kitchen tips.


When you order through Oceanside Seafood, don’t be surprised that shipping costs are added in at checkout. This is standard for food suppliers, and Oceanside tries to be very upfront about their charges. All orders must be at least $50.00 before it can be eligible for shipping. Place your order by 12pm EST. The shipping charges are a flat rate and easy to predict based on the day of the week you place it and the way it gets delivered.

$29.95 –  1 & 2 Day Ground (Ships on Mon, Tues, Wed)

$49.95  – 3 Day Ground (Ships on Mon & Tues)

$89.95  – 3 Day Air (Ships on Mon & Tues)

Where They Fish

Fish are sourced from all around the globe. You won’t have to guess where your food comes from. Everything is labeled with its country of origin, and whether it was farm-raised or caught in the wild. All fish and seafood are inspected by US Health Departments.

Type of Fish

You can find many different types of fish in their online market, from types you recognize and probably eat with some regularity, like Tuna, scallops, and salmon, or something more rare and adventurous, like octopus.

Quality and Sustainability

When sourcing their fish, Oceanside puts a lot of effort into getting the fish that were raised in the best way for the environment and for the fish themselves. That’s why they don’t necessarily stay away from farm-raised fish. Some “fish farms” are actually natural environments in the ocean. If you have any questions, be sure to read their extensive FAQ or send them your questions.