Lummi Island Wild likes to disagree with the conventional wisdom that the world’s best salmon comes from Alaska. While Bristol Bay salmon are better known for strong salmon runs and pristine waters and while Copper River salmon are better known for their fatty, river-run strength, the Fraser River system is massive with numerous tributaries, some of which are more than a thousand miles from the ocean outlet. This ecosystem and evolutionary forces mean Lummi Island Wild salmon must store a huge amount of energy in fatty deposits, which translates into fuller flavor and a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Lummi Island Wild is definitely on our must-try list for people in search of the best-tasting salmon in the world. It helps if you have the kind of palette that can detect subtle differences in wild-caught Pacific salmon. Even if you don’t, this is a great choice for buying wild salmon online and upgrading over farm-raised, store-bought fish.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Wild King Salmon $42.66 .5 pounds Free $100+
Baker Wild King Salmon $66.66 .5 pounds Free $100+
Baker Lake Wild Sockeye Fillet (OUT OF STOCK) $23.75 1.6 pounds $48+ (or Free)
Wild Coho Salmon $30.66 1.5 pounds Free $100+
Reefnet Wild Sockeye (OUT OF STOCK) $30.00 .5 pounds $48+ (or Free)
Reefnet Wild Keta Salmon (OUT OF STOCK) $13.20 2.5 pounds $48+ (or Free)

Company Name: Lummi Island Wild

Owners: Keith Carpenter (President Emeritus), Ian Kirouac (General Manager)


3131 Mercer Ave #105

Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: (360) 366-8786

Contact Email:



Free shipping applies to orders of $100 or more. This requirement is easy to reach with just a few fillets or salmon portions totaling 5lbs of salmon. The company ships orders Mon-Wed most weeks. You’ll be able to choose your shipping date when checking out and expect delivery within a day or two.

Where They Fish

The Salish Sea and surrounding water systems between Vancouver and Seattle.

Type of Fish

Sockeye salmon, king salmon, coho salmon, keta salmon, smoked salmon, tuna, halibut, black cod, scallops and prawns

Quality and Sustainability

While not technically in Alaska, The Salish Sea shares a lot in common with Alaskan waters and is nothing like the polluted water of the Puget Sound area. More than harvesting salmon that’s trained for a long, hard river run, Lummi Island Wild uses exclusively reefnet harvesting methods. This creates almost zero bycatch mortality and makes Lummi Island Wild one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world. In fact, their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the direct impact of commercial fishing. In 2007, they began the process of retrofitting their fleet with solar-power, making it the first solar-powered wild salmon fishery in the world!

Reefnet fishing also enables the fishery to live-bleed each fish, one at a time, allowing the blood and the lactic acid to dissipate and avoid any remnants of “fishy” taste. Even the most skeptic seafood eaters will be converted with this clean-tasting flavor. From an insulated tote of slurry ice to quick tender delivery and custom processing, Lummi Island Wild is one of the few companies to handle their salmon from the ocean to your front door.