Kvichak Fish Company offers a reliable, efficient way to get wild salmon and seafood caught in the Kvichak region of Bristol Bay, Alaska. A lot of people are looking to get their salmon direct from the fishermen who catch them, but no single fleet of fishing vessels can feed the entire world. So, how do you get seafood and salmon direct-from-the-fishermen without constantly dealing with Sold Out inventories? You look to a seafood processor, like Kvichak Fish Company, with intimate knowledge of the fishermen from whom they source their seafood.

Even then, you need to watch the calendar to place an order with this comparatively small seafood processing company. By ordering during the summer months, you can take advantage of free delivery offered during the month of August. If you have a way to pick up the shipment from a nearby airport, you can get some of the best salmon in the world at a great all-in price.

Company Name: Kvichak Fish Co.
Owners: Amanda Walaysewski
Year Founded: 2012
41890 Armo Villa Lane
Polson, MT 59860
Phone: 406-490-4898
Contact Email: amanda@kvichakfish.com; kvichakfish@gmail.com
Website: www.kvichakfish.com


The company uses Alaska Air Cargo to ship orders to the nearest airport direct from Alaska. Local Montana customers can get delivery right to their front door.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay, in and around the Kvichak Water District.

Type of Fish

Salmon, Halibut

Quality and Sustainability

This company operates like a fishermen co-op, so that local fishing families have an easy way to process, market, and ship their fish—without sacrificing that fishermen-direct quality. All the salmon and halibut is wild-caught using only sustainable methods and hand-picked to guarantee the highest quality product. Moreover, Kvichak Fish Company works hard to understand and gain personal experience in every aspect of the business whether it’s “picking the nets, at the cutting table, or delivering a case to your door.” Make sure you put them on your to-do list each and every summer.