Located in Kodiak, Alaska on Cannery Row near the St Paul Harbor, Island Seafoods is a custom seafood processing, shipping, and retail business serving the Kodiak charter fishing fleet, commercially harvested seafood, and sport fishermen. Part of the Pacific Seafood Group, Island Seafoods processes millions of pounds of salmon, halibut, cod, and rockfish and offers a wide selection of sustainable, traceable, and high-quality seafood. You can get fresh caught fish filleted, vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen and delivered to your door, anywhere in the continental United States or Hawaii, often in as little as 48 hours.

Founded in 1999, Island Seafoods started out as a small, custom seafood processing business. In 2000, they bought and a suitable seafood processing facility with a new dock and direct access to Kodiak’s waterfront along Cannery Row. In 2003, Island Seafoods was acquired by the Pacific Seafood Group and in 2007 officially changed its name to Pacific Seafood Kodiak. To take advantage of its local heritage and business reputation, the company continues to use the Island Seafoods brand for its retail, custom processing and online business.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Wild Sockeye Salmon $17.95 3 pounds See info
Ivory King Salmon (SOLD OUT) $34.95 1 pound See info
Wild King Salmon $32.95 1 pound See info
Wild Coho Salmon $14.95 1 pound See info

Company Name: Island Seafoods
Year Founded: 1999
317 Shelikof St.
Kodiak, AK
Phone: 855-463-9760
Contact Form: https://www.islandseafoods.com/contact
Website: www.islandseafoods.com


Island Seafoods uses its high-volume business to leverage reasonable overnight shipping rates from FedEx for the entire continental U.S. Customers in Hawaii can also get overnight shipping for a surcharge of $35. There is also a $35 surcharge for Saturday delivery, which must be placed by Thursday no later than 5pm.

With FedEx overnight delivery, every customer also has the ability to track their shipment online. This FedEx overnight delivery is the standard option with Island Seafoods because the company packages the seafood in specially designed foil-insulated boxes with gel ice designed to keep your seafood frozen for 24 hours. If the seafood arrives while you’re at work and experiences mild thawing during the day, it will be fine so long as you put it in the freezer as soon as you get home. With its processing and shipping service for sport fishing, people who visit Kodiak and catch their own fish during their trip can use Island Seafoods to package and ship their catch back home.

Shipping Rates
1-5 lbs = $60.00
6-10 lbs = $70.00
11-15 lbs = $85.00
16-20 lbs = $100.00
21-25 lbs = $110.00
26-30 lbs = $120.00
31-35 lbs = $130.00
36-40 lbs = $140.00
41-45 lbs = $145.00
46-50 lbs = $150.00

Types of Fish

Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Coho Salmon Fillets, Ivory King Salmon Fillet Portions, King Salmon Fillet Portions, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Smoked King Salmon, Smoked Coho Salmon, Canned Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Heads, Bristol Bay Red King Crab, Golden King Crab, Opilio Snow Crab, Bairdi Snow Crab, Dungeness Crab Sections, Red King Crab Tails, Alaska Spot Prawns, Alaska Spot Prawns, Pacific Pink Shrimp, Texas Gulf Shrimp, Maine Lobster Tails, Halibut Cheeks, Halibut Fillets, Smoked Halibut, Scallops, Alaska Razor Clams, Black Mussels, Smoked Black Cod, Alaska Pacific Cod, Alaska Black Cod, Alaska Rockfish, Yelloweye Rockfish, Alaska Ling Cod, Ahi Tuna Steaks, Calamari Steaks, Poke Salad Kit, Seaweed Salad, Swordfish Steaks.

Quality and Sustainability

Island Seafoods’ policies, practices, and support of sustainable fisheries has earned the company the Marine Stewardship Council certification. This certification requires a thorough third-party audit each year to ensure compliance. Overall, the company emphasizes four qualities in its seafood: quality, freshness, traceability, and sustainability.

Most of the seafood sold on the website is from locally-sourced waters. However, the company’s relationship with Pacific Seafood Group also allows Island Seafoods to sell other types of fish sourced outside of the Gulf of Alaska. By quickly reading through the name and description of the type of fish you’re ordering, it should be obvious whether your chosen seafood is locally-sourced. In fact, each type of fish sold by Island Seafoods includes a general description as well as cooking tips and pairing suggestions.