This major seafood processor and distributor was founded by a marine biologist with an eye for different species of seafood and their culinary potential. Today, Honolulu Fish Company ships more than 30 varieties of sustainable seafood to over 3,000 customers, including many of the country’s top chefs and restaurants. While they typically have some type of wild-caught salmon available online, the company is best known for other types of seafood. It’s the only direct distributor in the United States that offers more than 14 species of sashimi-grade fish, for example.

The hand-selected fish from sashimi experts and custom processing methods mean that you can trust the quality and labeling of this seafood producer. This is a great choice for people who see wild-caught salmon as only one part of their online seafood delivery package.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Ora King Salmon $25.45 3 lbs FREE
Northern King Salmon Signature Cut $58.33 3 lbs FREE

Company Name: Honolulu Fish Company

Owners: Wayne Samiere

Year Founded: 1995


824 Gulick Ave

Honolulu, HI 96819

Phone: (888) 475-6244

Contact Email:



As part of their service, the Honolulu Fish Company team selects, prepares and packages its fresh seafood to arrive at homes and restaurants within 24-48 hours of shipping. They contract with both FedEx and UPS to ensure fast delivery for a range of dates and locations. Their custom delivery box is designed to keep fish at 40 degrees or less for 48 hours.

The minimum required order is 3 pounds per product.

With the map and delivery schedule below, you’ll know exactly when to expect your delivery.

Order Day Zone 1 Arrival Zone 1 Arrival After 1 PM HST Zone 2 Arrival Zone 2 Arrival After 6:30 AM HST
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday
Friday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Type of Fish

Salmon, sashimi and more than 30 varieties of seafood, based on seasonal availability

Quality and Sustainability

Despite their desire to market a wide range of fish, Honolulu Fish Company takes care to source only hook-caught fish, due to the danger to natural habitats that can occur with some net-fishing methods. Likewise, while they offer an incredible variety and selection of fish, they never compromise on the integrity or sustainability of their fish sourcing methods. That’s why their online market features Today’s Catch. This fish is natural cut in an effort to offer customers a greater value on their fresh, premium fish and to reduce natural resource wastefulness.

Prefer the convenience and easy preparation of pre-cut portions? Honolulu Fish Company also offers their product in signature cuts. There may be more reliable and better-priced options for wild Alaskan salmon, but if you want a seemingly endless list of seafood options—all of them wild, sustainably-caught and delicious—then Honolulu Fish Company is the choice for you.