This company maintains two brands to capture their seafood processing facility, as well as their own supply of wild Alaskan seafood. Peninsula Processing and Smokehouse serves sport fishermen and commercial fisheries alike with state-of-the-art processing equipment and methods. Every piece of seafood is carefully handled and tracked throughout the process. Advanced vacuum sealing and ultra-durable packaging means you don’t have to worry about freezer burn or a product that’s otherwise compromised.

Their sister brand, Great Alaska Seafood, has a retail case with a selection of more than 50 different varieties of seafood to choose from. Even if it’s not as fresh as catching your own, their seafood is “Always Wild, Always Natural, and Always Delicious.” Like any Alaskan seafood company, they can’t control the weather that will ground transport planes on rare occasions. Otherwise, with their processing and shipping solution, you never have to worry about high-quality wild salmon and seafood showing up at your front door.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Sockeye Salmon $19.99 8 pounds $ 25.75 (or Free)
Kalgin Island King Salmon $39.95 1 pound $25.75
Red King Salmon $39.95 ($37.95@10lbs) 1 pound $25.75 (or Free)
Wild White King Salmon $39.95 1 pound $25.75
Coho Salmon $21.95 1 pound $25.75

Company Name: Great Alaska Seafood/Peninsula Processing & Smokehouse
Owners: “Alaska Tim”
Year Founded: Operating for “over 20 years”

720 Kalifornsky Beach Road
Soldotna, Alaska
Phone: 907-262-8846; 866-262-8846 (toll free)
Contact Email:


Great Alaska Seafood uses FedEx priority overnight shipping. Customers who order 8lbs or more receive free shipping. The shipping cost for other orders is determined by weight and ranges from $26-$41 as a base rate. Saturday delivery is available for an additional $20. There is a $45 surcharge for shipping to Hawaii. Orders placed between Monday and Wednesday before 2pm will be shipped the following day and arrive at your door the day after that. You need to contact the Customer Service Department to arrange Saturday delivery. Deliveries arrive before noon for many locations with enough packaging to keep your order frozen throughout the day.

Type of Fish

Whole Salmon, Wild Alaska Salmon, Canned Salmon, Smoked Fish, Caviar & Roe, Alaska Halibut, Wild Whitefish, Alaska Crab, Shellfish, Lobster

Quality and Sustainability

The company makes every effort to sell only fish and seafood that’s caught through sustainable methods. And not just as lip service. In addition to thorough inspections of their processing facility, they work with fisheries to deliver only seafood that’s certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). In our opinion, customers shouldn’t have to worry if they’re ordering a local salmon species. But like any high-volume, wide-selection seafood processing company, Great Alaska Seafood struggle to guarantee that every fisherman and every source lives up to these sustainability standards 100% of the time. Their processing facility ensures a high-quality product every single time and a broad commitment to sustainability in the industry and for the planet. (Plus, if you’re a purist sustainability, you’re probably not ordering seafood out-of-season and shipped halfway around the world.)

What makes their processing facility so state-of-the-art? A high-tech Fish Filleting Machine from Norway and vacuum packaging with a commercial VC999 Roll-Stock machine. One more note about consistency and quality. They carefully handle and track every piece of seafood that comes through their processing facility to the point that they don’t even offer sport fishermen the option of “Fish Exchanges.” In other words, if you have friends visiting Soldotna and they want to ship their catch back to you in the lower 48, you and they can feel confident that you’re getting that exact piece of fish, no more and no less.