Fulton Fish Market’s mission is to provide healthy, honestly labeled fish and seafood. To do this, they catch their fish wild and harvest their seafood in an ethical, sustainable way. When you order fish from Fulton Fish Market, you can be sure that the food you receive has been inspected, has not been tampered with or dyed, and is labeled properly.

Fulton Fish Market is a large supplier with many different fishers and businesses selling through their warehouses. That said, they take care to vet all retailers and their products to maintain high quality. Having a larger supply also means that customers have a wider range of product and shipping options. With this supplier, you’ll never have to worry about getting a poor product or receiving a late shipment.

Company Name: Fulton Fish Market
Year Founded: 1822
800 Food Center Dr.
The Bronx, NY
Phone: (718) 842-8908
Contact Email: Contact Sheet
Website: www.lokifish.com


Historically, Fulton Fish Market has been the most important wholesale fish market on the east coast. They’ve supplied fish to restaurants, grocery stores, and directly to households since the 1820s. From the outset, they have worked to remain sustainable. One of their most important values has always been to bring fish from United States fishing grounds to United States consumers. This practice has only become more important, as issues of sustainability, ethical business practices, and proper labeling of products have become key issues for fish lovers. With Fulton, consumers can rest assured that the fish is properly labeled and documented with its country of origin, species, and dates of catching and processing.

When you order fish from this retailer online, you will receive a refrigerated package with your frozen fish.

Where They Fish

Fulton Fish Market catches fish off the east coast. They fish within the nearest 200 miles off the United States cost in waters that are highly regulated. Fulton also supplies fish from international markets, but its key fishing grounds have always been the Atlantic coast of the United States.  

Type of Fish

From anchovies to Sea Urchin, Fulton Fish Market catches a wide array of different species of fish, some of which you might never have tasted fresh. They offer salmon, crab, oysters, lobster, shellfish, smoked fish, and more.

How They Fish

Because the Fulton Fish Marketplace includes multiple suppliers, there is no one fishing method or protocol. That said, you can rest assured that your meal will always be caught using the most sustainable method available.

Quality and Sustainability

When you purchase from Fulton Fish Market, you can be sure that the fish you have ordered will be the fish you receive. They take proper labeling very seriously, going above and beyond simply meeting basic regulations. Fulton knows that the fishing industry at large is sorely underregulated and lacking in quality control. They have made it their business to ensure sustainability and quality that you can tell by taste.