Company Name: Coal Point Seafood Co.

Owners: Hillstrand Family

History: Fishing and building boats for more than 40 years


4306 Homer Spit

Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone: (207) 325-3877

Contact Email:


Salmon Prices




The ocean and fishing in particular have always been the livelihood that has sustained the lives of the Hillstrand family for five generations. In addition to Coal Point Seafood Co., this large family has amassed an impressive fleet of fishing vessels including the F/V Time Bandit, the Bold Ruler, the F/V Sea Wife, Invader, Gertrude Ann, Sadie Lady, Sukoi Bay, Freedom and the American Way.


The company will ship their catch anywhere in the US through FedEx Overnight Shipping. To avoid weekend delays and higher costs, they only ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Moreover, they cut their seafood to order, and so require 24-hour notice. Keep in mind that shipping prices are subject to change, but the estimated cost per weight is:

20lbs for $109.99

30lbs for $141.67

40lbs for $177.15

50lbs for $204.59

100lbs for $403.80

More than 100lbs at $3.97/lb.

Where They Fish

From Ketchikan to the Bering Sea, they have caught most types of fish and shellfish species all over Alaska. They are familiar with most types of fishing gear and harvesting methods. They have also helped rehabilitate all five species of salmon.

Type of Fish

Salmon, smoked salmon, halibut, king crab, Dungeness crab, shrimp, scallops, rockfish, black cod (sablefish), cod, and more.

Quality and Sustainability

It starts with personally picking your catch from their fishing vessels and delivering it to their facility where it is cut to order and processed based on your personal preferences:

  • Vacuum pack & freezing for 1.10/lb of halibut or 1.5/lb of salmon.
  • Vacuum pack and blast freezing for 1.75/lb of salmon.
  • Freezing only for .70/lb of salmon.

You can choose packages in 1 lb, 1½ lb, 2 lb or full fillets or steaks with the skin on or off. See more information on their processing page.

Their wild Alaskan salmon is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). More than sustainable harvesting practices, they actively support sustainable fisheries and the general preservation of wildlife and fish habitats. They strive to tread gently on this earth. They take quality to the highest standard. They genuinely consider it an honor to showcase the best of the best for Alaskan seafood in flavor, in texture and in nutritional goodness.

More Information

Coal Point Seafood Co publishes this brochure of seafood cookbooks available for sale. The company also welcomes out-of-town visitors and offers the following resources for people who are looking for fishing charters in Homer.

Homer Charter Association
Alaska Charter Association
Homer Chamber of Commerce