Company Name: Browne Trading Company

Owners: Rod Browne Mitchell

Year Founded: 1991

Address: Merrill’s Wharf 260 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101

Phone: 800-944-7848

Contact Email:



Salmon Prices




Based out of Portland, Maine, Browne Trading Company steps beyond the east coast of the United States to source the freshest fish and seafood available. Browne Trading prioritizes pristine quality and excellent food standards, and for that reason they pay attention to where they source their catches from.When purchasing salmon from their site, it’s a given that you will likely not be purchasing local fare. Instead, Browne connects with fishermen around the world to fulfill the order and ship the product directly to you. Whether your food is farm-raised or was caught in the wild, you can rest assured that it was harvested and processed with the highest standards.


Browne Trading is based out of Maine, but they source fish and seafood products and salmon from all over the world. No matter where your seafood originates from, all of their products are packed and processed to order and are available to ship to your door by the next day. Be sure to order your fish before 2pm Eastern time if you would like it by the next day. If you place a large order totaling over $300, then you are eligible for free shipping.

Where They Fish

You can find a wide variety of fish through Browne’s website, from fresh salmon, to frozen fillets and even prepared and smoked fish that are sure to be delicious. Browne Trading specializes in supplying seafood restaurants with fresh stock, so expect high quality with reflective prices.

Type of Fish

Wide range of smoked salmon, frozen fish, fresh fish

Quality and Sustainability

Many customers shopping for fish and seafood want their dinner to reflect their values. When is it better for the environment to purchase farm-raised fish? Does choosing to order a fish fresh or frozen affect the flavor? Browne Trading understands that these kinds of questions and more are all too common, and to help alleviate some of this confusion, you can find plenty of write-ups on their website detailing the different quality markers for different species of sea-dwellers. When in doubt, they also have a real-time customer service chat service to answer any questions you might have.