Company Name: Alaskan Salmon Company

Founder: Kyle Lee

Year Founded: 2015

Address: Cordova, Alaska

Phone: 907-887-3621

Contact Email:




Alaskan Salmon Company believes that all seafood lovers should know the origin of their seafood. The company’s team catches its salmon and distributes it throughout the United States. The company acknowledges that the majority of United States grocery stores sell salmon that distributors first process overseas. Additionally, they see how these types of businesses re-import salmon through multiple stages of middlemen. The fish company expresses pride in itself for eliminating the long supply chain of go-betweens. The team communicates on its website that they give their customers access to the highest quality seafood. The team also states that it gets the seafood straight from the source.



If you crave salmon, you will find it is easier than ever to order it throughout the year. Many people can also have it delivered straight to their door year-round. Alaskan Salmon Company ships their fish in vacuum-sealed packaging. The company then flash freezes the fish when it reaches its peak freshness. The business minimizes any frost and helps keep intact the salmon’s cells. For three days, the team stores all of the salmon in sub-zero temperatures. Afterwards, the salmon becomes sushi-grade. The team can then prepare to ship it to their customers. Then, the company packages the customers’ orders using dry ice and ships the packages overnight to people’s doorsteps. The team’s products include free shipping and a 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.


Where They Fish

The company’s team prioritizes Alaskan seafood in every sense. Alaskan Salmon Company prides itself on processing only the best Copper River Salmon. The company processes and packages its products 100% in Alaska. The company also only sells wild-caught salmon. One reason why they only sell wild-caught products is because they do not believe in farming the fish. Additionally, they highlight that wild-caught salmon has health benefits. Among these benefits is that salmon contains vitamin B12 and D. Salmon also offers omega-3’s, furthering heart and brain health. The company also embraces the sustainability of wild-caught salmon.


Type of Seafood

The Alaskan fish market primarily sells salmon to its customers. However, you can purchase Alaskan Halibut and Alaskan Black Cod as well. Its well-renowned Copper River Salmon can include six Sockeye salmon and six Coho salmon, both 6-8 ounces per fillet. You can order a one-time, 12 pack for $189 or a 24 pack for $340. Repeat customers can also subscribe and save $15.


Quality and Sustainability

Most companies realize that proven sustainability must be a top priority. In certain regards, it is as important, if not more important, than the available products. For Alaskan Salmon Company, sustainability starts with catching practices. The team catches its sought-after salmon using low-impact methods. They also promote the importance of “meticulous handling practices.” Guaranteeing these practices means they do careful preparation once they bring any salmon on board. The team puts all fresh salmon in flush water. The practice prevents them from squeezing the salmon. They also avoid stacking the salmon to ensure the highest quality.


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