The Alaska Wild Fish Co is owned and operated by the Pietron family, who are passionate about bringing fresh, high-quality fish to the local markets around their Minnesota home. That’s why they’ve been catching fish in Alaska for over 35 years and bringing it back to Minnesota. Three generations of the Pietron family have been seasonal fishers in Alaska, where they catch wild salmon. The Alaska Wild Fish Co is passionate about good food that is harvested sustainably. Even though the family catches their product in Alaska, the Alaska Wild Fish Co still functions as a local business, bringing ethically sourced fish to Minnesota markets.

Company Name: Alaska Wild Fish Co
Owners: The Pietron Family
Year Founded: 1983
249 White Oak Drive
Randall, Minnesota 56475
Phone: (612) 567-9453
Contact Email:


Alaska Wild Fish Co is a wholesale distributor in Minnesota, and they sell out of their limited product quickly. If you’re in the area, many of their products are available in local grocery stores and butcher shops. To meet their high demand and to help bring fresh fish to other consumers in America, they also offer fish clubs, so that bulk orders can be sent out to a single person and then individual orders can be distributed. If you would like to join or start a fish club in your city, get in contact with Alaska Wild Fish Co. to begin. Salmon is always shipped in refrigerated containers to ensure maximum freshness.

Where They Fish

The Pietron family catches their fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This is home to one of the first fisheries in the world to achieve a high sustainability ranking. They also team up with fishermen on the Gulf Coast to bring wild-caught shrimp to Minnesota markets.  

Type of Fish

Alaska Wild Fish Co offers several varieties of salmon, the bulk of which is then sold by local grocery stores and restaurants. Most often, you’ll find Sockeye, Chinook, and Coho Salmon through the Alaska Wild Fish Co. They also carry smoked products like Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout, and Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese.

Quality and Sustainability

Alaska Wild Fish Co lives up to their name in that they only sell fish that have been caught in the wild. All of their food is caught by hand and then brought to Minnesota for distribution to local markets. In this way, their business can still affect the local economy as a local business would. Because the Bristol Bay fisheries where they catch their fish are certified sustainable, there is little pressure put on the ecosystem by their fishing.

The Alaska Wild Fish Co works hard to make sure that the fish they provide is clean, healthy, and fresh. Their products are caught responsibly, and carefully processed to ensure the utmost quality and the lowest amount of environmental harm.