Company Name: Alaska Seafood Company

Year Founded: 1987


5731 Concrete Way

Juneau, Alaska 99801

Phone: (800) 451-1400; (907) 780-5111

Contact Email:


Salmon Prices




Alaska Seafood Company is committed to wild and sustainably harvested seafood sources but are best known for their specialty and premium quality seafood processing. Between the Bearing Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Southeast Alaska, and the waters of the North Pacific Ocean, the company gives credit to the quality of the state’s marine habitat and the superior flavor it creates for locally-sourced seafood.

That said, what sets this company apart from the rest of the industry is the availability of the retort pouch, a “soft can” method of canning. The process allows for a whole smoked salmon fillet or fillet portion to be made shelf-stable—with no refrigeration needed. So while Alaska Seafood Company continues to focus on traditional markets for freshly-packed, flash-frozen seafood, this company also operates as Alaska Cannery and Smokehouse with its own line of shelf-stable products.


Alaska Seafood Company uses FedEx Overnight for frozen seafood and FedEx 2-Day for hot-smoked items available throughout the U.S. This shipping service is only available Monday through Wednesday. The company uses USPS Priority Mail for shelf-stable items, and this service is available Monday through Saturday. International shipping is also available for these shelf-stable items. Orders must be received before 2PM PST to be included with the following day’s shipment.

Where They Fish

They partner with sustainable fisheries and fishing charter companies in Juneau and throughout Alaska.

Type of Fish

Salmon and halibut

Quality and Sustainability

As a fairly large seafood processing facility, Alaska Seafood Company shares in the responsibility and commitment to sustainability that has made the state’s 34,000 miles of coastline—chock full of salmon, crab, and other seafood—the most productive and most coveted fishing grounds in the entire world.

Wondering about the best ways to use their seafood products? From smoked salmon pasta to loaded omelets and sautéed halibut, they offer up more than a handful of their favorite, simple seafood recipes.

Planning a trip to Juneau? The company can also help set you up with a local fishing charter company. You can go catch your own salmon, and then have Alaska Seafood company process and ship the catch back to your house. It takes about one to four weeks but includes a very reliable tracking system that ensures you get the fish you actually caught and brought to their facility. Guaranteed.