The Seafood Producers Cooperative is a Sitka-based fishing co-op that exclusively hook-and-line methods to catch their salmon. Along with sustainable fishing practices, this method ensures the highest-quality seafood products. By organizing and scaling fishermen through the Seafood Producers Cooperative, the company still typically generates a large amount of seafood available for sale each year. It’s also why they’re the Alaska Gold Brand.

Company Name: Alaska Gold Brand & Seafood Producers Cooperative
Year Founded: 1944
Address: 2875 Roeder Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
507 Katlian Street, Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: 844-833-0120 (Not a call center. One awesome person named Kendall.)
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They have two different cold-storage facilities in Bellingham and Richmond. To increase shipping reliability while managing the cost, Alaska Gold uses a large barge to deliver their fish to their shipping centers. Strict-temperature control is maintained on the barge and in their cold-storage facilities. From these locations, they’re able to reach most of the U.S. east of the Mississippi River and along the West Coast within 2 days. They’re able to deliver throughout the continental U.S. within 3 days. That said, if you’re willing to pay an extra $75, you can order rush shipping and potentially knock a day off the turnaround time. Shipping is also available to Hawaii and Puerto Rico for an additional $30. Note, too, that while most of the fish is already priced according to the quantity you buy, there’s an even steeper bulk discount that’s offered to purchases of 20lbs or more.

Where They Fish

Including the waters just outside of Sitka, salmon, halibut and black cod are caught off the coast of Southeast Alaska and in the Gulf of Alaska. Much of the black cod comes from the Chatham Strait, while a lot of the salmon and halibut comes from the Fairweather Grounds for salmon and halibut. Most of the albacore is caught off the West Coast of the United States, near Washington.

Type of Fish

Salmon, halibut, black cod, albacore tuna

Quality and SustainabilityWe try to help people understand what’s unique about each seafood company that’s out there. With Alaska Gold Brand, it has to be their motto: One Hook, One Fish. They take great care to ensure safe handling of the fish, from the moment it’s line-caught till the moment it reaches their customers. With sustainable fishing practices and recipe suggestions, really their commitment goes even further. Plus, some fish, like the black cod, prefer to stay close to the bottom in the Chatham Strait, making line-caught methods the preferred way to go.

Bulk Purchases starting at 20lb packaging.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Expedited Shipping Order
Wild Sockeye Salmon $29@5lbs 2.25 lbs $75.00
King Salmon $58.33 3 lbs $75.00
Coho Salmon $29@5lbs 2.25 lbs $75.00
Wild Keta Salmon $23@5lbs 2.25 lbs $75.00
Smoked King Salmon $61.66 3 lbs FREE