Company Name: Alaska Direct Fish

Owners: Fishing families in SE Alaska


P.O. Box 1176

Petersburg, AK 99833

Phone: (907) 650-7067

Contact Email:


Salmon Prices




Founded by individual fishing families, the Alaska Direct Fish fleet is still made up of family-owned fishing vessels and fishermen who are committed to wild and sustainable seafood harvested from the clean waters of southeast Alaska. Each individual fishing vessel focuses on quality over quantity. From June through September, they fish and then ship their seafood products out of their homeport in Petersburg for as long as supplies last.

Their stated goal is simple enough: They bring you the highest quality, sustainably harvested, wild Alaskan seafood directly from boat to table.


Part of their seafood shipping is a unique Live Tracking system. As part of entering your shipping address and information, you’ll need to create a user account, or you can immediately login with your FB account. During many times of the year, you can take advantage of specials such as free shipping and live tracking on orders of $200 or more.

Where They Fish

Southeast Alaska

Types of Fish

King, sockeye and coho salmon. Smoked Salmon. Halibut.

Quality and Sustainability

Their process ensures gentle handling of your salmon and seafood. Every vessel is committed to pressure bleed, dress and belly ice upon catch. It is then flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed within a few days of this immediate processing and storage.

This company also has one of the industry’s best product tracking systems. When you buy during the harvesting season, this system issues a live notification and image that shows: “Your fish has been caught! It has been bled, cleaned, iced, and packed in the fish hold, ready to take to town for freezing, packaging, and shipping to your table!” You’ll get another notification and image when the fish is processed and another one when the shipment is in route. The live tracking system also includes GPS coordinates where the fish was caught and information about the species.