Seafood Ratings and Categories

Trying to compare price, nutrition, taste and texture, and overall value for different types of seafood? Looking to expand your palette and diet by exploring a wider range of seafood options? Check out our guide of seafood ratings and categories so you can better understand what to expect from different types of seafood.

Seafood Type Price* Taste/ Texture Nutrition Seasonal Availability Geographic Availability Sustainability Shelf Stable

* A higher rating means a lower average price for this type of seafood.

Full Profiles and Ratings for Types of Seafood

  • Lobster Profile: Lobster is one of the most popular and well-known types of seafood available. There is a reason lobster is served at weddings, business meetings, and special events. There is no such thing as the perfect seafood for everybody, but if you can find room in the budget and you’re a seafood fan, lobster is something you don’t want to miss.
  • Salmon Profile: Salmon is the most popular and common wild seafood variety in the United States and throughout much of the world. And for good reason. Known for having a firm, meatier texture, this seafood is commonly enjoyed even by people who do not otherwise like seafood.
  • Halibut Profile: Halibut is among the most popular type of whitefish. While it’s annual catch is tightly controlled to protect the species population, you can still find plenty of halibut out there and at a reasonable price. This fish is slightly higher on the food chain than many types of popular wild seafood, making it less suitable to eat on a regular basis.
  • Crab Profile: Counting all the different varieties, crab is also one of the most popular types of wild seafood available today. Not quite as expensive as lobster, the different types and ways to experience crab make it a favorite among those who can’t get enough seafood. With a nutritional profile that allows for regular consumption, it’s worth doing the research to find a preferred crab selection.
  • Crawfish Profile: Fresh crawfish from the ponds and bayous along the Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best value of any wild seafood. Often overshadowed as a shellfish by lobster and crab, the smaller crawfish offers the perfect snack-sized seafood, especially during the spring months in which the largest and freshest crawfish are harvested.

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