The pandemic continues to bring many families who live under the same roof closer together. However, the obstacles that prevent us from eating in our favorite restaurants still exist.

If you are looking to buy frozen breaded oysters or any other type to satisfy a craving, it does not need to be as challenging as it may feel. All you need to do is make sure that you are prepared.

Live Oyster Prices

Company Price/doz Minimum Order Rating Order
Fulton Fish Market $27.76 1 doz 4.4
Crab Place $28.63 1 doz 4.5
Vital Choice $30.00 5 doz 4.8
Global Seafoods $40.00 4 doz 4.6
Get Maine Lobster $75.00 1 doz 4.6


Best Place to Buy Frozen Oysters

When it comes to searching online for where to buy frozen oysters for sale, the recommended process is buying them directly from oyster farmers. The farmers generally offer the lowest prices. Oyster farmers also possess the freshest goods that make their products desirable. Whether you purchase East Coast or West Coast oysters, prices typically range from $1 to $2 apiece, but can also be lower.

Another reason why it is worth buying directly from the farmers is the oyster farmers are familiar with their products. As a result, you will know where your seafood came from, unlike in most cases if you buy from a supermarket. Still, farmers are not your only option. Since farmers often sell a limited number of varieties to consumers, seafood distributors or retailers are perhaps your best bet when looking for a specific variety next time you buy frozen oysters for sale.


Are Oysters Shipped Frozen or Live?

Seafood distributors and retailers go to great lengths to ensure their products are fresh and safe to consume upon arrival. Oysters are sold raw, frozen and canned. All bivalves in the shell, which include oysters and mussels, are required by law to be sold live. These live oysters are tightly clamped shut or will clamp shut when they are tapped. They should feel heavy and full of water if alive and fresh. Alternatively, dead oysters will have loose or broken shells.

Even so, it is possible to buy frozen oysters for sale online. Although freezing oysters was once thought to decrease the value of the product, the emergence of flash freezing technology helps maintain their freshness and integrity. Ultimately, if flash freezing is done correctly, consumers should expect their frozen oysters to retain the original texture and flavor, as well as the color and moisture of a fresh product. Those experienced in the process even say the smell after an oyster is thawed is similar to the smell of a fresh oyster.

How Do Retailers Ship Oysters?

Before you buy frozen oysters for sale, you should know how your retailer will ship their product so there are no surprises. Once it arrives at your doorstep, the most important thing to do is immediately open the package. There should be gel packs inside of the box. They may be frozen or simply still extremely cold. There is no cause for concern if the gel packs are partially thawed – that is common. Still, you will want to check the quality of the oyster once it arrives to guarantee it is safe to eat.


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