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Buying lobster direct is not the same as ordering lobster online. There are a couple of different types of lobster providers, and not all will ship directly from the ocean to your door. If you’re looking to buy lobster direct, we recommend any of these categories in the 2lb category. They all have sound sourcing practices and fast, affordable shipping.

Fresh 2.0lb Maine Lobsters

Company Min. Order Price/lb* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
The Crab Place 2 $51.00 $294.64 $86.95
Fulton Fish Market 2 $47.78 $191.61 Free@$99+
Lobster Anywhere 1 $50.95 $252.80 $49.00
McLaughlin Seafood 1 $50.00 $265.00 $65.00
The Fresh Lobster Company 2 $41.50 $246.86 $80.86

For a wider range of sizes, check out our lobster directory. If you’re interested in learning about buying lobster direct, this guide will walk you through some important considerations – from understanding the different types of lobster companies to how you should choose a provider to suit your needs.

Types of Lobster Companies

If you’re looking to buy lobster direct, you’ll need to learn about the different types of lobster companies. While many providers have similar products, the way they source, market, and ship those products will vary based on the business’s structure. Here are the two main types of lobster companies you will likely encounter on your search.

  • Direct-to-Consumer Lobster Companies: These lobster providers are often smaller operations that ship lobster directly to their customers. Without a middleman, they are able to keep per-pound prices low. However, because they don’t likely have relationships with shipping providers, customers should expect to pay more for lobster delivery. But, because this lobster comes directly from the fisher, customers can expect a higher-quality product – even if the service isn’t as robust as for other types of lobster companies.
  • Cooperative Lobster Companies: These companies act as a middleman between lobster fishers and consumers. They will often have a wider variety of products from a wider array of providers. These companies can both help smaller lobster fishing operations get their products out to more people. However, because these companies act as a middleman, per-pound prices are likely to be higher.

Most lobster providers will fall into these two categories. You can usually tell which type of company you use based on information provided in their “About” page and using the number of products they offer as a makeshift guide. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company’s customer service line.

How to Choose Your Lobster Provider

Choosing a lobster provider is never easy. The best way to understand which company to use is to reflect on your needs. What are you purchasing? Just four lobsters for a fancy dinner? Or are you also interested in lobster cooking accessories, lobster meat, or other types of fish? If your needs extend beyond live lobster, we recommend going with a larger company that can provide a wider variety of seafood products. The lobsters will spend slightly more time in captivity, but this allows for the added convenience of getting your whole order from one place.

If you’re only in the market for a few live lobsters, we recommend going with a company that ships lobster direct from their processing facility – in other words, a provider that doesn’t use a middleman. This nearly always ensures a great price and phenomenal quality. Plus, this is an easy way to support a small, independently owned business.

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