Our top Maine lobster delivery companies include Lobster Anywhere, Crab Place, Fulton Fish Market, Get Maine Lobster and Cameron’s Seafood. These companies provide reliable deliveries for whole live lobsters, along with lobster meat and tails. Any time you order lobster online, you should seek a quality freshness from Maine lobster fishermen. Maine lobster fishers are the folks who source the lobsters, then the companies ship the lobster to your door.

When you place a lobster order, most companies will follow the same timeframe. Shipping lobster generally takes 1-2 days, depending on your delivery selection. Companies ship a live lobster in insulated containers with cool gel packs. Once the lobster arrives, it’ll likely stay alive for 24-36 hours. That said, we recommend cooking them ASAP to ensure freshness. If the lobster dies after it arrives, it’s on you – not the company.

Maine lobster fishermen also sell lobsters in a variety of sizes. Those who value a sweet flavor often go for smaller, 1.25-pound lobsters. Many people order 2- to 6-pound lobsters depending on how many people they are serving. Along with selling whole lobsters, some companies specifically sell lobster meat and tails. Companies sell lobster meat frozen to your door. For lobster tails, you can expect the shipments to provide the most meat of any part of the lobster. You can store meat and tails for longer than live lobster.