When you order live lobster online, the process isn’t always as easy as you think. Customers need to sift through unnecessary information, disclaimers about fees and shipping, and too many low-quality options to get what they really need – an efficient way to order live lobster online.

We’ve made the process easier for you. Below, you’ll find a grid with some of the best, hassle-free lobster companies we could find.

Our Top Maine Lobster Delivery Companies

Category Company Most Popular Size Average $/Lobster Dinner* Customer Ratings Go To
Highest Customer Ratings Lobster Anywhere 2 lb. $335 5.0
Best for Sustainability Crab Place 2 lb. $280 4.5
Best for Lobster Tails Cameron’s Seafood 12 oz. $350 4.7
Best Variety Fulton Fish Market 2 lb. $270 4.6
Best for Lobster Meat Wulf’s Fish 1 lb. N/A 4.8
Most Frequent Discounts Get Maine Lobster 1.5 lb. $275 4.9
Best Website Experience Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op 1.5 lb. $335 4.6
Best for Smaller Lobsters Sanders Lobster Company 1.5 lb. $270 4.5

*Estimated cost for 4 lobsters (or tails), potential add-ons, and shipping.

If you want more tips on how to streamline the process required to order live lobster online, keep reading. We’ll walk you through the fastest ways to pick your company, cook your lobster, and receive your shipment.

Finding the Best Company to Order Live Lobster

Ordering lobster online is only as simple as your company makes it. While we included a grid of well-respected lobster companies above, we want to walk you through the process of choosing those companies.

  1. They have a variety of products. In most cases, you’ll be interested in ordering more than just live lobster when you make a seafood shipping. This is one of the best ways to make sure you get your money’s worth, especially if you’re paying for shipping costs.
  2. Their ordering systems are simple. When you navigate to your shopping cart, you won’t have to do too much work to get an estimated shipping and handling cost. These companies are also straightforward in their ordering process. In other words, you won’t have to answer a range of delivery questions to get the items you need.
  3. They have a robust customer service guarantee. Accidents happen, especially when live animals are shipped. If you don’t use a company that has a plan in place for when your lobster arrives dead, you might not get your money back. These companies ensure that when you order live lobster online, a live lobster is delivered to your door – regardless of the situation.

Items to Buy Before You Order Live Lobster Online

While you may think your work is done after you order live lobster, that’s very rarely the case. You’ll need to purchase or collect some materials prior to your meal’s arrival. Lobster should be cooked soon after it arrives, ideally in the same day. To have a smooth, easy experience, make sure you have the following gear on-hand.

  • Enough refrigerator or freezer space to store the lobster when it arrives. If keeping the lobster in its shipping container is the easiest option, have plenty of ice available to help maintain the cooler’s internal temperature.
  • A large pot. Stock pots that fit between 12 and 30 quarts should work well, depending on the size of the lobster you’re cooking.
  • Metal tongs, for handling the lobster.
  • A heat-proof surface, like a cutting board, for resting the lobster between cooking and serving.
  • Plenty of butter.

How to Easily Receive Your Live Lobster Order

While it may be easy to order live lobster online, receiving the package is a different game. The best way to ensure safe and secure delivery is to be at home when the package arrives. This prevents the lobster from sitting outside, where it may be stolen or where direct sunlight can harm the animals inside the box. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if you receive a wide delivery window.

If you can’t be at home for your delivery, include instructions when you place your order. If you don’t have this option, you should be able to include a note once you receive a tracking number. In the worst-case scenario, leave a note on your door for the delivery person. Ideally, you should have a shaded, semi-secure place for the package, either inside a garage, a building vestibule, or even under your car.

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