We know buying fish online can be tough. This is especially true if you’ve never done it before. To better help you navigate the online fish market, specifically halibut, we’ve generated a few resources. However, California halibut is a different beast. Below, you’ll find information about how the fish compares to other halibut. We’ll look at both the California halibut price per pound and the features of a California halibut fillet. Additionally, we’ll give you the scoop on how to buy California halibut online.

Not All Halibut Is the Same

There are three main types of halibut: Atlantic, Pacific, and California. For clarification, all halibut is from the larger flounder family, which includes other fish like sole. While both Atlantic and Pacific halibut are true halibut varieties, California halibut is actually a large flounder. This distinction will matter later on, when we talk about taste.

In terms of the best halibut available to consumers, environment is a crucial factor. Seafood Watch publishes recommendations to help consumers pick seafood based on the environmental impact of how the fish is caught or farmed. Their recommendations on halibut and California halibut price per pound is steep.

Buying California Halibut Online

If you’re willing to pay the high California halibut price per pound, there are online buying options. While not as common as Pacific halibut, California halibut is available from multiple online fish markets. Start with a Google search to see what’s listed. From there, expect the fish to be sold as fillets and come frozen to your door.

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