Once you’ve had the pleasure of eating wild halibut, then next phase is typically how to get more of it, then how to get it more cheaply. Halibut is a fairly big fish, and one of the largest flat fish in the ocean, that can grow up to eight feet long and weigh as much as 500 pounds! While it is a species under management, it is not overfished. Both size and population combine to make buying wild bulk halibut a savvy consumer option.

Compare Bulk Halibut Prices

The below comparison grid will give you a window into companies who offer wild halibut in bulk online and ship it to your door. There are others in the industry, but these are the companies we have worked with and recommend.

Company Bulk Amount Reg Price With Discount Price/lb Shipping Total Go To
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $300.00 $300.00 $30.00 $12.00 $312.00
Sizzlefish 10 lbs $434.85 $369.62 $36.96 FREE $369.62
Lummi Island Wild 9 lbs $456.00 $364.00 $40.44 FREE $364.00
Seabear Smokehouse 9.5 lbs $480.00 $384.00 $40.42 $19.99 $403.99
Fulton Fish Market 10 lbs $471.80 $424.98 $42.49 FREE $424.98
Vital Choice 12 lbs $656.47 $558.00 $46.50 FREE $558.00

A Few Considerations for Buying Bulk Halibut

Halibut does not come in many cut varieties and is basically offered in different portion sizes. In the above grid, you can buy bulk halibut in 4-8oz portions, depending on which company you select. You know you best. Go through each and find which sizes make the most sense for your eating habits. For our take, we find halibut to be lighter and it is less fatty, so we tend to aim for larger portions in the 6-8oz range. Whereas, with salmon, we would aim in the 5-6oz portion range.

However, Lummi Island Wild is the exception. They offer 18-22oz halibut roasts, that would be akin to a large salmon fillet. This option makes a lot of sense for a table of 3-4, plus it is even easier to cook than a salmon fillet as the thickness of the roast is relatively uniform and not tapered.

There are halibut cheeks and steak, but not often a smart-consumer purchase in bulk, but these are the only other halibut cuts offered on the market, though we cannot find either in bulk.

Halibut stores for a long time. Because of it’s low fat content, wild halibut can be reasonably stored for up to six months in the freezer. It’ll go even longer than that, but that 180 range is when it’s best, not just when it’s safe. Whereas with wild salmon, and especially with king salmon, it will last about half that long in the freezer.

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