Crawfish is a freshwater crustacean with many aliases. Whether you call it crawfish, crayfish, mudbugs, yabbies or crawdads, it is important to know what you are getting when you get an order of fresh crawfish shipped to your house. There is no need to be apprehensive, though. Crawfish looks like a small lobster, so if you have a background in purchasing live seafood for delivery, there is no discernible difference when you order crawfish. If anything, the process is similar, but you will want to make sure you recognize the differences between crawfish and lobster, including size and flavor.

Company Min. Order Price/lb (Jumbo) Shipping Go To
The Crab Place 3 lbs $11.00 $29.25
Cameron’s Seafood 5 lbs (cooked) $11.99 $39.99


Where is Live Crawfish Shipped From?

Crawfish is popular all over the world, spanning from Sweden to Spain to Nigeria. The crustacean is found crawling throughout swamps, rivers and lakes across the globe. However, 95% of the crawfish that is consumed in the United States is harvested in Louisiana. Crawfish is readily accessible in local grocery stores, but we live in an age now where getting crawfish delivered is not an ordeal. Most companies will deliver crawfish to most locations in the country through FedEx shipping. Rates will vary depending on your specific location and you should check a specific company’s website for more information. Additionally, there are some states that place limitations on live crawfish imports, including Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Michigan, and Washington. The best season to get live crawfish shipped to your house is March, April and May. Crawfish is at its freshest and largest during the spring months. When it comes to ordering the crustacean, WBRZ’s Crawfish Price Index determined in early 2020 that the average price of boiled crawfish is $5.30 per pound. If you buy crawfish live, it was determined to cost approximately $3.77 per pound. The price increased by $0.08 from 2019’s average cost of $5.22 per pound.

How Much Crawfish Should You Order?

Like in any other seafood delivery process, it is helpful to know the number of people that you will be serving before you make a purchase. The average number of pounds of crawfish per person that is served in restaurants is 3 pounds. Depending on if your guests are heavy or light eaters, 3 to 5 pounds per person is the standard amount as long as the crawfish is not the only dish. Otherwise, consider getting 5 to 7 pounds of live crawfish shipped per guest. Once you know how many people are dining with you, you can then multiply the total number of guests by the pounds per person and determine the necessary amount needed for your meal. Crawfish is best if it is delivered via FedEx the day before or the day of your boil. Many online vendors will ship the crustacean with dry ice. Vendors will also give you ordering time frames – oftentimes they will not ship on weekends, but you can get live crawfish shipped on the same day or the next day if you order by a certain hour during the week.

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