Ordering crawfish online has never been easier, especially because the crawfish season can last for as long as November to June. Fresh “mudbugs” are available for most of the yea, and availability typically depends on where the crawfish are caught. For example, Louisiana’s crawfish season is longer than Texas’s crawfish season. Regardless of location, the best months to order crawfish are March, April, and May. Peak crawfish season can even hit as early as late February if it has been a warm winter. Before rushing to get live crawfish delivered to your door, know that some states do not allow crawfish to be imported: Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan, Washington. Customers who live in Idaho and Oregon can request permits for live crawfish delivery.

Company Min. Order Price/lb (Jumbo) Shipping Go To
The Crab Place 3 lbs $11.00 $29.25
Cameron’s Seafood 5 lbs (cooked) $11.99 $39.99


Crawfish Shipping Information

The mode of transportation for live crawfish varies by online seafood retailer. Some sites only offer airline shipping for commercial wholesale customers with large orders, but not for personal orders, as freight can often get bumped. However, some online seafood retailers rely exclusively on airport shipping. The aim is to avoid product damage by having the customer pick up the crawfish at a specific time, so that the crawfish can be immediately transported home. Higher shipping prices usually mean higher shipping quality. Investing in shipping costs up-front could save headaches down the line and provide a better chance that the crawfish will arrive in the best possible condition.

How to Prepare for Live Crawfish Delivered to your Door

It is recommended to cook the live crawfish delivered to your door as close as possible to the time that they’ll be eaten, but that is not always realistic. In order to keep the crawfish alive, you will need a spray bottle, a large cooler, a few bags of ice, a thermometer, and some burlap sacks or towels. Keep the bag of crawfish away from direct sunlight and put it on its side in a cooler. Leave the cooler’s drain open, and keep the cooler on an angle so excess liquid can drain out. Cover the bag of crawfish with wet towels or burlap sacks, with the bags of ice on top. Open the lid of the cooler just a bit, to give the crawfish some air. When stored properly, and kept between 36°F to 46°F, live crawfish delivered to your door can stay alive for several days. Rotate the bag of crawfish every day. However, the crawfish’s flavor is best when they are fresh.

Get Ready for a Crawfish Boil

Some tips for hosting a crawfish boil:

  • Plan for about 3 to 5 pounds of crawfish per person.
  • Ditch the plates and load up on extra napkins or paper towels. Unlike lobster or crab dinners, plastic bibs are not traditionally used for crawfish.
  • Spices
  • Break the crawfish at its natural middle and prepare to get messy– maybe even sprayed!
  • Cut a fresh lemon in half and use it to clean your hands at the end of the meal.

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