A Tennessee-based crawfish company, Louisiana Seafood Company knows what it means to provide an excellent product for live crawfish. They work to bring the best live, fresh, and boiled crawfish to the greater Nashville area during crawfish season. Each week, a team member makes the 700-mile trek to their Louisiana crawfish farm to hand-pick the best, biggest fish to bring back to Tennessee. This means their products are always fresh and high-quality, no matter when you stop in to make your purchase.

Louisiana Seafood Company is veteran-owned and operated, and most of their core staff members served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to providing great service, those who present military IDs when ordering will receive a military discount as a “thank you.” In fact, Louisiana Seafood Company is so invested in buyer satisfaction that partners’ cell phone numbers are posted on their website should a customer have any question or comment.

Company Name: Louisiana Seafood Company

Founded: N/A

Mailing Address: 206 N 1st Street, Nashville TN 37213 and 840 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Phone: 615-499-6865

Email: Contact Form

Website: https://www.louisianaseafoodco.com/


Louisiana Seafood Company does not ship live crawfish from their Tennessee locations. However, customers can pick up live seafood from either Murfreesboro or Nashville. The order will be packaged appropriately; live crawfish in ice boxes and cooked seafood in heat-resistant containers. Please keep in mind that Hot & Spicy Boiled Crawfish orders require a minimum of 20 pounds. If you wish to order more than 100 pounds you will need to call for special pricing.

Harvesting and Packaging

During crawfish season, Louisiana Seafood Company sends an experienced crew member and a truck down to their Louisiana farm each week to hand-pick the best crawfish available. They have a constant supply of fresh and high-quality products, and this attention to detail sets them apart from other providers in the area. They understand that purchasing live crawfish 700 miles from the source isn’t optimal, but Louisiana Seafood Company selects, ships, and inspects every animal.

When stored properly, a Louisiana crawfish should live for up to 4 days out of the water. This means that if you are planning a boil on a Saturday or Sunday, you should aim for a crawfish sourced more recently than Wednesday. The staff urge customers buying live crawfish from Louisiana Seafood Company to let them know when they plan to cook their purchase so that they can provide the best product for their timeline.

If you buy live crawfish from Louisiana Seafood Company, the best means of transport will be in a large ice chest with a bag of ice and a damp towel. The business’s staff will pack the crawfish for you, and they will hold the package in a specialized storage truck until you pick them up. This ensures maximum freshness.

Types of Crawfish

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