Snow crab meat has a sweet and somewhat briny flavor, and snow crab legs are far easier to manage than Alaskan king crab legs. The flavor and size of snow crab make it a delicious choice and might even inspire some customers to buy it in bulk.

Ordering bulk snow crab legs online is a wonderful choice. Each time frozen seafood makes a stop, it risks losing quality. Avoid an extra stop for the snow crab at a grocery store, and ensure freshness as it’s delivered straight from the processing facility to your doorstep. Cut out that difficult transportation of wrestling bulk order of snow crab from market, to car, to home.

The ease of ordering from home and knowing it will be carefully delivered is reason enough to order your bulk snow crab online, but there are other benefits too. Online seafood retailers offer a wide variety of choices, and customers have the ability to choose seafood other than bulk snow crab legs. Creating a personalized bulk seafood order could prevent the hassle of multiple orders and make the next few months particularly delicious!

Snow Crab Legs Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $19.55 11 lbs $16.20
Crab Place $22.69 3 lbs $29.95
Cameron’s Seafood $36.66 3 lbs $39.99
Fulton Fish Market $36.80 2.5 lbs $25.32

How Long do Bulk Snow Crab Legs Stay in the Freezer?

The amount of time that snow crab can last in the freezer depends on how the legs are stored. Snow crab legs should be frozen consistently at 0°F, and can last indefinitely under these conditions. However, the quality of the meat typically starts to wane after about 6 months. A great way to make snow crab meat last would be purchasing a snow crab bulk order and freezing what isn’t immediately used, but making a plan for when and how to use the meat before it goes loses quality.

Frozen Alaskan king crab and frozen Dungeness crab have similar shelf lives to snow crab.
An order of frozen lobster will last approximately 3 to 6 months, frozen scallops for about 3 months, and frozen clams for 3 months to 1 year. An order of bulk snow crab legs will have high quality flavor for about as long as other crab species, and seems to have a longer shelf life compared to other frozen seafood.

A Classic Snow Crab Dinner

Hosting a special dinner? Creating a snow crab bulk order could save tons of stress and make hosting that much easier. The simplest way to figure out how much snow crab to order is to estimate about 1/2 to 2 pounds of snow crab legs per person, depending on how much of a snow crab fan the guests are. Snow crab legs are sold in clusters, and there are around 8 to 9 snow crab legs per pound. A party of four should order about 6 to 8 pounds for a snow crab dinner.

Bulk snow crab legs can definitely hold their own at the dinner table, but some delicious sides really pull the feast together. A classic snow crab dinner is served with corn on the cob, roasted vegetables, or potatoes. Find a dry white wine to pair, and don’t forget the melted butter!

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