For all types of seafood lovers, purchasing your preferred product from the right vendor can be an involved process. There are different elements to consider. What are the vendor’s practices for promoting sustainability? How do they package their product? Do they deliver to your region and does it cost extra? Perhaps most importantly, how does their king crab per pound rate change based on product size?

The Alaskan King Crab price per lb has fluctuated over the last several years and it varies depending on the type of King Crab that is purchased. In 2019, Alaska’s statewide ex-vessel price for a pound of King Crab was $6.35 when purchasing golden King Crab. Alternatively, 1 pound of King Crab was valued at $11.77 when you purchased red King Crab that same year. Alaskan King crab per pound can change frequently.

When purchasing Alaskan King Crab legs from an online vendor, prices do increase depending on the crab size and the company. For Wholey, their standard-sized Alaskan King Crab legs cost $39.66 per pound. However, Wholey’s colossal King Crab legs cost $46.33 per pound. The Crab Place operates in a similar manner when setting their Alaskan King Crab price per pound. Huge King Crab legs cost $44.99 per pound. Meanwhile, the company’s colossal King Crab legs cost $45.89 per pound. Finally, golden king, the sweetest of the western varieties, often have their own cost structure associated with them because of their prevalence and market demand.

Fresh King Crab Leg Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $35.00 5 lbs $16.20
Crab Place $42.29 1 lb $29.95
Fulton Fish Market $51.00 2 lbs Free
Seabear Smokehouse $63.60 2.5 lb $19.99
Cameron’s Seafood $65.99 3 lbs $39.99

What Should I Buy: More or Bigger?

The question becomes, at what point should a customer consider the cost-effectiveness of buying more legs rather than purchasing bigger legs? King crab by the pound can be a bit finnicky here.

The answer is intuitive – it depends on how much you like crab and how much you plan to serve at your next dinner party. If you are planning an intimate evening with a loved one or two who have hearty appetites, it might be the most logical approach to order colossal King Crab legs. However, a large dinner party could wreak havoc on your bank account and may make ordering a regular-sized 10-pound king crab package preferable to a colossal or jumbo-sized package.

Overall, the Alaskan King Crab price per pound 2019, 2020, and in future years is the best way to compare prices between companies as opposed to comparing based on the leg number or legs in a cluster. Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker is an online Alaskan vendor that shows the limited benefit of ordering larger quantities rather than ordering larger sizes.

The company’s jumbo Alaskan King Crab legs cost $46.99 per pound. Meanwhile, their jumbo 5-pound package is $299.99 and their jumbo 10-pound package is $469.99. While ordering 10 pounds of the standard jumbo Alaskan King Crab legs will break even with the 10-pound pack, the same rule does not apply to the 5-pound package. If you were to purchase 5 pounds of the jumbo Alaskan King Crab legs (instead of the 5-pound package), the price comes to $234.95, which saves the purchaser $65.04. For that reason, it is not only important to consider the Alaskan king crab price per pound between vendors. Customers should also consider sitting down and doing the math on the different packages that are sold from the same company. But, when all is said and done, you should feel content that your King crab per lb rate is fair.

Buying Crab Online

We know we just threw a lot of information at you. If you’re curious to buy king crab for yourself, check out these retailers and pricing options. We know you’ll find something within your budget.

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