The saying goes “the bigger the better,” but is that the case with king crab legs? Extra large king crab legs are widely available, and King crab legs are known for being mega in comparison to other crab species. We wanted to discuss whether consumers should aim to find huge king crab legs sizes over smaller ones.

What to Know About Huge King Crab Leg Price

Price is one of the main arguments against buying king crab legs. It is considerably more expensive to buy larger legs than it is to buy either a smaller sized king crab legs or colossal sized snow crab legs. There is no denying the presentation value of super king crab legs placed on the table. However, the flash may not be worth the price. Smaller sized legs or a different crab variety might suffice for your weeknight meal. The quality will not necessarily be less, but you could save a bit of money.

To illustrate just how expensive a king crab leg can be, we’ve provided this cost comparison grid.

Compare King Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $35.00 5 lbs $16.20
Crab Place $42.29 1 lb $29.95
Fulton Fish Market $51.00 2 lbs Free
Seabear Smokehouse $63.60 2.5 lb $19.99
Cameron’s Seafood $65.99 3 lbs $39.99

How Much Do You Need?

The number of people you need to serve may impact whether you buy large king crab legs or smaller options. With jumbo Alaskan king crab legs, one leg is likely more than one serving for a person. You could be in a situation where some legs do not get eaten because they are simply too much. If you are serving a large group of people, it might be more practical to buy many smaller legs. This option would be cheaper, and you have a better chance at having the right amount that people would eat. Having leftover crab is not a bad thing, but this is something to think about.

Do You Have the Proper Equipment?

Imagine ordering multiple pounds of large king crab legs and not having a pot large enough to cook them in. King crab leg preparation is very simple. Steaming is the most common style. To steam, you need to have a pot big enough to fit the legs in with a couple inches of water. You should also be able to place a lid on top. Seeing as the king crab leg span can be up to 6 feet across, you will need a pot that can be accommodating. Here is where buying smaller crab legs might be more convenient. You can fit more into an average pot and avoid the hassle.

Additionally, large king crab legs require assistance from seafood crackers. If you do not have these, be prepared to work for the crab meat. Snow crab, even large ones, are easier to crack with a pair of scissors. King crab legs are delicious but also spiny and prickly.

Giant Alaskan King Crab Legs May Be What You Need

Whether you’re looking for large king crab legs for sale, huge king crab legs for sale, giant king crab legs, or jumbo king crab legs, none of this is to deter you from buying large king crab legs if that is what you want. The considerations above are useful to think about when you are stuck between options. Remember that a king crab is still king, no matter the size. Bigger might be better if you are looking to impress your guests. But smaller king crab legs, or even big king crab legs, still satisfy the crab-eating experience. They may even save you money, space, and fuss.

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