Purchasing frozen king crab is a nutritious and delicious option that allows seafood fanatics to enjoy it whenever they want. Freezing king crab seals in its bold, rich flavor. Enjoy access to amazing crab year-round! Buying frozen means no longer depending on a specific season or the stress of trying to place an order when demand is super high. It also keeps fishers safe because they do not have to work under the pressure of delivering live fish, and they are able to fish in the safest, best conditions and not risk injury or death to provide fresh product.

Buying frozen king crab instead of live king crab is also the environmentally friendly choice. The environmental impact is much lower because fresh fish must be shipped by air, while frozen fish can be shipped in other less impactful ways like ship, train, or truck. There are obvious benefits to buying fresh king crab, but buying it frozen can open up tons of possibilities for the customer.

If you’re interested in buying king crab, check out the providers below. Everything in the comparison grid has been vetted for quality, customer service, and general ease of process.

Fresh King Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $35.00 5 lbs $16.20
Crab Place $42.29 1 lb $29.95
Fulton Fish Market $51.00 2 lbs Free
Seabear Smokehouse $63.60 2.5 lb $19.99
Cameron’s Seafood $65.99 3 lbs $39.99

Buying Frozen Crab in Bulk

Because frozen king crab keeps for longer periods of time than fresh king crab (think months instead of one day), it might be best to buy in bulk and keep the seafood freezer stocked. There are a few tips to buying frozen seafood that can guide that decision. Most frozen crab comes in a vacuum-sealed bag and stays fresh for up to five months. Do not attempt to refreeze, as that will ruin the quality of the frozen king crab. One bulk purchase every 6 months can keep a customer satisfied for that entire year! Indulge in frozen king crab legs whenever the craving strikes.

Depending on how many people in your household will be indulging in crab, it is recommended to have a half pound to two pounds per person. Bulk ordering can be the economic choice, as well. A ten-pound bulk order of frozen Alaskan king crab would cost anywhere from $300 to $500. The size of the crab also plays into the price. The $500 order consists of super-colossal frozen king crab legs with each leg weighing one pound or more.

Buying Clubs and Memberships

Another avenue to consider would be forming a buying club with nearby friends, neighbors, or seafood enthusiasts. In this case, the group would pool money to purchase bulk orders of their favorite seafood. Interested in frozen Alaskan king crab legs? Someone else probably is, too, and buying in bulk together could reduce overall price. This option also opens up the possibility of buying more than one type of seafood at a time.

If the idea of buying clubs is not appealing, there are still opportunities to buy bulk seafood independently. Some online seafood retailers, like Lummi Island Wild, have their own version of a “club” or membership with yearly reduced bulk prices and special perks. If long-term king crab or seafood purchases seem viable, joining the club or program of a favored retailer might result in cut costs over time.

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