Crab legs may be one of the last meals that people eat by themselves. You don’t often see people eating alone with their crab legs. Crab legs represent a party, a feast, a gathering. Wherever crab of any kind is served, it’s always a full table. Because of this, we recognize that people are often ordering crab legs in bulk even if they don’t realize that there is specific pricing for certain amounts. Buying bulk crab is a savvy decision that can make that feast a little more feasible.

Below we have gathered bulk crab legs pricing for the various types of crab inside of comparison grids so you can make a savvy purchase decision. Below the grids, we have some advice for how to think about this.


Company Bulk Amount Bulk Price Price/lb Go To
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $545 $54.50
Crab Place 10 lbs $598.45 $59.85
Fulton Fish Market 10 lbs $849.90 $84.99
Sizzlefish 5 lbs $329.95 $65.99
Cameron’s Seafood 12 lbs $1,025.99 $85.50

You’ll notice that there is a pretty big range in cost/pound for bulk king crab legs with a range of $19/lb. It’s hard to say whether this has much to do with quality, as king crabs in bulk do not have a quality scale the way caviar and salmon do. People like king crab because it is big, there’s more meat in each leg, and generally less work than smaller species. Any of these companies is a good bet.



Company Bulk Amount Bulk Price Price/lb Go To
Global Seafoods 9 lbs $70 VISIT WEBSITE
Crab Place 9 lbs $265.99 $29.55
Fulton Fish Market 10 lbs $495.84 $30.99
Cameron’s Seafood 12 lbs $489.99 $40.83

Buying bulk snow crab legs is the most efficient purchase you can make in the crab species. As you can see comparing the snow crab grid to the king crab grid, even comparing Fulton Fish Market directly, you can see that 10lbs of snow costs HALF what king costs. Ordering snow crab legs in bulk is such a no-brainer decision for any feast, allowing guests to get more legs at half the price.


Company Bulk Amount Bulk Price Price/Crab Go To
Crab Place Bushel $424.99 $7.10
Cameron’s Seafood Bushel $349.99 $14.58

If you know Maryland Blue Crab then you know it’s not crab legs that you are after, but rather the whole crab, as they are so small. Note that the above grid captures prices only for Maryland Blue Crab in bulk and not soft shell crab. Both Crab Place and Cameron’s Seafood have soft shell crab, so just click through and see what they have for pricing, as soft shell is very seasonal. Blue crab is often sold by the dozen or the bushel, as we have bushel listed here. Don’t just call the whole family, call the whole neighborhood.


Company Bulk Amount Bulk Price Price/lb Go To
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $265.00 $26.50
Tanner’s Alaskan 10 lbs $369.50 $36.95
Island Seafood 10 lbs SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Cameron’s Seafood 12 lbs $459.99 $38.33

Like Maryland Blue, Bulk Dungeness Crab is sold typically as whole crab. They are bigger than blue and the West Coast’s answer to Maryland, but a favorite among those in the know. Like Blue crab, they are often sold in large amounts, like bushels because when you’re eating Dungeness, it’s usually a party.

Think about Storage

When buying bulk crab legs, don’t forget to consider storage. You can definitely have crab delivered to your door on any specific date, but it just makes good sense not to have the timing so tight that a missed delivery kills the party. This means you’ll need to store your crab legs–and a lot of them–for maybe 24-48 hours. And funny thing about crab legs: they don’t store very neatly. Good news for you, the packaging they will come it will do a lot of the work for you, but they will likely be packed in dry ice, which won’t last much past a day.

Pull those dry ice packets out and replace with actual ice packets or ice, keep them in a cool spot in the basement or cellar. Toss more ice over them if you need.

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