Owners: The Ito Family

Year founded: The online business was founded in 2019.

Address: While the company is based in Los Angeles, they conduct their business online. They do not have a physical store address listed on their website.

Phone: They use a Contact Us form for all information requests.

Contact Email: support@rivieraseafoodclub.com

Website: https://rivieraseafoodclub.com/



Riviera Seafood Club is a seafood and specialty food delivery service. This family-run business aims to provide consumers with quality seafood delivered to their door. They provide detailed sourcing information to allow buyers to know where their food is coming from. This works together with their commitment to only use sustainable sources for their products. Their website has a little bit of everything and quick shipping. The prices are also reasonable, allowing buyers to have the best seafood from around the world. You can read more about their shipping and products below.



Riviera Seafood Club uses a short supply chain that gets fresh seafood from the ocean to your door using next-day shipping. They have a convenient delivery schedule chart that lets you see when your package would arrive based on the day you place the order. Shipping is available to all 50 states.

All the seafood arrives carefully packaged. They use Superfreezing for some products to preserve the texture of the fish. Other products ship fresh in refrigerated packaging or frozen. These items come with thawing and storage instructions to make sure that you handle the fish correctly.


Where They Fish

Riviera Seafood Club sources their seafood from a variety of locations. They get fresh arrivals from their responsible sources located on the west coast of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and others. The seafood makes its way to the warehouse where they then distribute orders to your door. Their caviar selections come from Italy.


What They Fish

Riviera Seafood Club provides several popular seafood listings that will likely satisfy what you are looking for. They have more classic seafood like salmon and tuna portions. These typically arrive fresh, so you can use them raw for sushi or cook them, too. Other fish include yellowtail, cod, and snapper. On top of the more conventional fish, you can also find specialty seafood like uni or cooked eel.

In terms of caviar, they have three varieties to choose from. The three options are sevruga, osetra, and Siberian. All the roe comes from Russian sturgeon. They sell 1-ounce tins for different prices, depending on the type of caviar.


Quality and Sustainability

They emphasize that responsible fishing practices are a main priority when they determine their sources. Because of this commitment, the Ito family builds relationships with their sources to ensure the best quality product. They reflect this focus by providing tracing information for each seafood item. There should be no question as to where your seafood is coming from. Additionally, the fresh seafood is processed on the daily and packaged to order.