olma caviar


Year Founded: 2001

Address: 204 28th St. Brooklyn, NY 11232 

Phone: 833-522-8427

Contact Page: https://olmafood.com/contact-us/ 

Website: https://olmafood.com/ 



Olma distributes fine caviar and other quality foods to restaurants, grocery stores, and individual consumers. They specialize in the caviar they import from various countries as well as many domestic products. Olma’s well-established business strives to offer the highest quality products to their customers, whether you are buying wholesale for large food distribution or for your home kitchen. Their customer reviews speak to their excellent delivery service and commitment to fine products.



For all their orders, Olma uses FedEx next-day shipping. Olma will process any orders placed before 3pm and send them out to be delivered the next day. Otherwise, they will pack the order the next day and then have it shipped out. Shipping is free for orders at or above $500. Orders under this mark carry a $30 shipping fee. Olma does offer Saturday deliveries with some conditions. You must place your order by 3pm on Friday and pay a $50 shipping fee.

Olma utilizes special refrigerated packaging to ensure the products remain fresh on the journey from their warehouse to your door. The cooling chest and gel packs keep the products at the right temperature for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the air temperature. With the next-day shipping, the products should arrive at your door fresh and still cool. Olma recommends someone be home when the delivery arrives to ensure the products make it into a refrigerator upon arrival. Be sure to plan ahead so that someone can be present to accept the items.


Where They Source Their Products

Olma imports their caviar from Italy, Israel, South Korea, and China. In addition, they source their salmon caviar domestically, mainly from Alaska. Their other seafood and specialty food items also come from different countries. You can look in the item descriptions for the country of origin.


What Products They Offer

Caviar- Olma carries many types of black caviar, including the popular beluga, osetra, and kaluga varieties. In addition to these classic caviars, Olma also has hackleback, paddlefish, and bowfin caviar. They offer each caviar in a range of sizes, from 0.5 ounces to 8.8 ounces. Olma has salmon roe for sale as well.

Truffles- Olma sells imported truffle goods. They have canned truffles, truffle oils, and other truffle creations, originating in Italy.

Smoked Fish- Olma processes and distributes their smoked fish offerings from their New York headquarters. They have smoked salmon, paddlefish, and butterfish.

Other Products- In addition to their main caviar offerings, Olma also sells foie gras and meats, kosher products, and other seafood items.


Quality and Sourcing

Olma uses trusted sources for their imported seafood goods. The longevity of their business speaks to the continued quality of their products and customer service. Olma goes the extra step and clarifies the origin of their products throughout their website and gives company information when applicable. The sourcing information helps consumers know where the items come from before deciding to purchase.