Owners: They do not name the owners, but they are professional chefs.

Year founded: 2002

Address: 28411 Race Track Road, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

Phone: 888-845-3663

Contact Email: customerservice@forthegourmet.com

Website: https://www.forthegourmet.com/ 



For the Gourmet is an online marketplace of all sorts of gourmet foods geared towards serving professional chefs. They have many food offerings, including cheese, meats, bakery, and chocolate goods. But we want to highlight their caviar and seafood options. They source their seafood and caviar from all across the world to bring together a strong selection. Below, we detail their shipping, sourcing, and offerings to give you an overview of the company.



Like many online seafood delivery services, For the Gourmet uses fast shipping for their products. They accept orders all days of the week, but there are specific shipping schedules. To make sure the perishable, fresh seafood arrives with next-day shipping, they will only send out orders Monday through Thursday. Orders placed Friday through Sunday, will ship out on Monday.


Where They Fish

While For the Gourmet does not do the actual fishing, their products come from good sources from several countries. Most of their caviar options originate in America. Imported caviar can be very expensive, so the American caviar alternatives from other varieties of fish besides sturgeon lowers the cost substantially.

Their additional seafood options come from a variety of places. The live lobsters, for example, come from the heart of the lobster industry in New England. Other pre-prepared or cured items come from places like Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

The goal is to have a wide selection of high-quality foods, so they look wherever those ingredients are. They make international specialties accessible to buy from the comfort of your home.


What They Fish

The selection is always subject to change, depending on what is fresh and new. However, there are some consistent offerings on their site. Starting with caviar, there are many varieties of fish roe to choose from. As mentioned earlier, most are from American-farmed fish. These include American Bowfin, Golden Whitefish, Hackelback, and Paddlefish. In addition, you can find imported tobiko caviar in a handful of colors, which indicates flavor. Or, they offer one kind of Romanian sevruga caviar.

While caviar is the main seafood category, they do carry some canned seafood items and packaged fish, like crab meat. The only live seafood they have are lobster and oysters.


Quality and Sustainability

We did not find much information about For the Gourmet and their sustainability practices. They do indicate a commitment to quality by using the best sources for their products. They seek artisanal producers to give their clients a wide selection of goods. Also, they are always looking for different options to keep up with newly available foods. Their professional cooking backgrounds give them the knowledge necessary to tell quality foods from bad ones. And their online site is the best way for them to provide those high quality finds to your door.