If you have always wanted to buy caviar but were not sure where to find it, we have you covered. Buying caviar online is incredibly easy. It also allows you to know more about the company you are buying from. Information, like sustainability practices and cultivation methods, is incredibly important for a product like caviar. Since caviar is often a splurge purchase, you will want to know as much as possible before choosing where to buy from.

We will start you off with a price grid. These companies and their prices have been vetted for quality. You can use this chart to compare costs per ounce across multiple sellers. We will also talk about why to order caviar online.

The Price of Caviar

Company # Types of Caviar $/oz Range Shipping Order
Global Seafoods 16 $50-$185 $16.20
Lummi Island Wild 3 $59-$112 $99+ Free
Vital Choice 3 $59-$170 $99+ Free


Reasons to Look Online To Buy Caviar


  • Transparency: An advantage to buying caviar online is the ability to gauge company transparency. As a consumer, you should be able to tell what is in your caviar and where your caviar came from. It is simple to look at the caviar description to find this information. If the company does not provide it, you should look for another option. Mail order caviar should have product information on the container it sells in. Make sure you are getting the species you want with no strange ingredients. Take your time in selecting which caviar meets the best standards.


  • Traceability: A lot of caviar companies source their caviar from a grower. This means that the caviar goes from grower to seller to consumer. Good sellers take careful measures to ensure that their source uses ethical methods. However, not every company takes the same precautions. You should look for a web page for information on where the company gets their product from. This research makes online buying easier since it would be hard to do the same for caviar you might find in a store.


  • Sustainability: Sturgeon are an endangered species, so sustainability is a central consideration of the caviar business. It is important to investigate caviar for sale online to understand their growing methods. Sturgeon mature over a long time. Growers must continuously provide fresh water, clean tanks, and the right diet to keep the fish healthy over time. Seafood Watch identifies indoor recirculating tanks with wastewater treatment as the best choice for sturgeon. The aim for sturgeon farmers is to replicate the natural environment of the fish as much as possible. This maintains a consistent flavor for the caviar and reduces stress for the fish.


  • Price Checking: Another advantage to looking online to buy caviar is the ability to price check. Price is tricky for caviar because most options will be expensive. However, price is not always an indicator of taste. Really expensive caviar might not taste as good to you as a cheaper kind. Before you buy caviar, compare at least two sites for their pricing. You can use our price grid as a good starting place. Comparing prices along with the other factors listed above gives you a great way to pick the best seller for you.


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