If you are new to the world of caviar, you might be wanting to know more about why black caviar costs so much and about the different caviar options. You may not have been aware that there was such a thing as black caviar. We are here to explain what black caviar is, why it is an expensive option, and why you should buy it online.

The Price of Caviar

Company # Types of Caviar $/oz Range Shipping Order
Global Seafoods 16 $50-$185 $16.20
Lummi Island Wild 3 $59-$112 $99+ Free
Vital Choice 3 $59-$170 $99+ Free


What Counts as Black Caviar?

Black caviar is roe that comes from sturgeon fish. Other caviar, like red caviar, comes from fish like salmon. Most black caviar has a black hue although this is not the case for every type. Colors for sturgeon salmon can range from black to green. Red caviar has a reddish hue. It is typical to see orange roe as well.

You can expect to see many types of black caviar for sale. There are five main kinds of black caviar. They are: Beluga, Kaluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and American. These all fall under the black caviar category.


Why Is It Expensive To Buy Black Caviar

Black caviar is the most expensive caviar to buy because it comes from sturgeon fish. Sturgeon take up to 10 years for their eggs to properly mature. Other fish like salmon or trout have a much shorter aging process, making it easier to produce more roe over a shorter amount of time. Sturgeon has a small supply and takes careful, human labor to harvest the eggs and leave them intact.

Many seek out black caviar for its culinary value despite its high price. The demand remains consistent, so the supply determines the price. Given the factors listed above, it is still pricey to buy black caviar.


Is Black Caviar Worth the Price

For some, it would take a very convincing argument to agree to spend the money to try the black caviar. Like many other specialty food items, many are enthusiastic about trying the unique foods for themselves, without much concern for the cost. The expensive Russian black caviar price is likely to turn many to the more affordable red caviar options. But there are likely a similar amount of people who will indulge in the rare food item.

Ultimately, it is up to you decide what price you are willing to pay to try the caviar. To buy black caviar is to have a highly unique eating experience that is likely to impress. You can check out this video asking the same question of is the caviar worth the price. They conclude that buyers do not need to have the most expensive caviar to still enjoy it.


Why to Buy Black Caviar Online

We recommend buying your caviar online. If you pick an online seller to buy from, you get the advantage of comparing prices and a more complete selection. In addition, you can more easily trace where the caviar comes from which is crucial to establish a quality product.


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