It’s never a bad idea to order fresh salmon, but some occasions are more appropriate than others. Especially during peak season, fresh salmon is a delicious option for a main course protein. Salmon stores incredibly well in the freezer, so you can stock up when salmon is in season and have what you need at the ready. Below are some ideas to help you get inspired for your next occasion to serve fresh salmon.


Dinner Parties and Special Occasions 

Salmon makes for an elegant presentation and a delicious entrée for a dinner party of any size. You can easily scale your chosen salmon recipe up or down to meet the quantity you need for your group. When you order fresh salmon online, you can buy the salmon in individual portions or as a whole portion of fish. This way, you can buy exactly what you need to avoid excess leftovers.

There is no shortage of salmon recipes to choose from to impress your guests. For your next special occasion, consider fresh salmon as an alternative to more traditional dinner entrees.


Seasonal Summer Cookout

Peak salmon season runs from May to September. During these months the salmon you order online is likely from a fresh catch. To take advantage of the best salmon months of the year, you can host a seasonal summer cookout to serve up all the fresh offerings of the season.

You can not only order fresh salmon, but also visit your local farmer’s market to pick from the best produce. Salmon is a versatile protein and can pair with many vegetables and side dishes, making it an ideal cookout protein. Grilled salmon is delicious and easy to prepare for your next backyard get-together.


Elevated Weeknight Meal

Sometimes all the occasion you need for fresh salmon is for an elevated weeknight meal. You can prepare salmon in any number of cuisine styles to suit your tastes and try something new. Most salmon dishes are quick to prepare and are not labor intensive.

Be sure to thaw frozen salmon in the fridge the night before you plan to cook the fish. You can even add a marinade beforehand to infuse the salmon with flavor. Salmon is the perfect canvas for a special weeknight meal, so it is always good to have a stock of salmon ready to cook.


Order Fresh Salmon Online for Your Next Event 

When you’re ready to buy salmon online, be sure to keep the following tips in mind. Some online salmon sellers offer shipping discounts if your order meets a minimum amount. Also, you can often save some money per pound if you buy salmon in bulk. You can freeze any salmon you do not need right away. Finally, aim to stock up on fresh salmon when it is in season. During this time, you will find the best prices and the absolute best quality salmon available.

As you plan a dinner to celebrate an occasion or to indulge in a special meal, think about serving fresh salmon.

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