Take it from us: Live lobster prices are always changing. Lobster prices typically trend higher to keep up with consistently high demand for one of the most delicious seafood options available. Since the market conditions for live lobster are constantly in flux, consumers look for tips to navigate the market. Consider this your guide to pricing when you get Maine lobster delivery. We’ll help you look for the best prices and understand what impacts lobster pricing.


What’s a Good Price for Live Lobster?

A good live lobster price lies anywhere between $40 and $50. However, lobster prices are always subject to change. Some sellers price their lobsters by the pound and others have a per lobster price. You can generally expect to pay more for lobsters that weigh between 2 and 6 pounds, which fall above the average 1½ pound weight. Be wary of price outliers that seem too low or too high and stick to what seems average.


Tips for Finding the Best Live Lobster Price 

The following tips will help you be a smart live lobster shopper.

  1. Price compare across sites before buying. Looking at several sites not only helps you the going rates of the day but also lets you see who has the best price.
  2. Search for shipping discounts. Expedited shipping adds to the cost of live lobster, but some sites offer free shipping with an order minimum, so review each site’s deals.
  3. Consider buying in bulk. Sites tend to have a lesser price per pound on bulk orders. These savings can add up and make a noticeable difference.


What Impacts Live Lobster Prices?

With live lobster, sometimes it is easier to ask what doesn’t influence the price. Many factors are at play to determine the going rate for live lobster on any day you buy. The price you see one day could be vastly different from the price the following week. The following list includes some of the main impacts on lobster pricing.

  • Dangerous Conditions of the Catch: Commercial fishing is among the most dangerous jobs. The higher price of lobster reflects the hard labor necessary to catch, process, and ship the live lobsters. The nature of lobster fishing means that prices will always be at a higher baseline to cover the cost of the high-risk labor.
  • Quality of Lobster: Lobsters with thicker shells or that weigh more than average will sell for a higher price. Be wary of cheap lobster since the low price tag can mean low quality. Lobster sellers price their catch after a quality review process, so you may notice price fluctuations for different types of lobster within a site.
  • Weather: The weather is a major determinant of lobster pricing. The weather dictates how long fishers can stay out catching lobster and lobster supply. Some predict the success of a lobster season based on weather predictions.  
  • Classic Supply and Demand: Supply and demand will always influence the lobster market. While demand for live lobster is consistently high, supply fluctuates. This means that prices remain steady but can experience price drops or hikes when supply changes.

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