We highly recommend you buy live lobster online if you haven’t already. Who wouldn’t want a fresh Maine lobster delivered to their doorstep? The process is convenient, and the seafood is quality if you know what to look for. We put together this definitive guide on the ins and outs of each aspect of the buying process to make you an expert in online lobster ordering.


How Do Live Lobsters Ship?

Lobster sellers have their shipping methods down to a science to keep the lobsters alive and protected for their journey from the waters of Maine to your door. Typical packing material consists of a Styrofoam box with gel ice packs surrounding the live lobsters all within a cardboard box. You can watch this great video, showing how to unpack a live lobster delivery and see how the sellers packed the lobsters.

Because freshness is key to a successful lobster delivery, most lobster sellers use expedited next-day shipping. This means, sellers will process your order the day you place it and get the order out ASAP.


How Much Live Lobster You Should Buy

When you buy live lobster online, a good rule of thumb is to order a 1½- 2-pound lobster per person. When you cook the lobster and serve the meat, one lobster yields a good amount. Pay attention to any order minimums or special deals a seller may offer. The seller may require you to buy a set amount of lobster. Or, they may offer a discount on live lobster in bulk.

The price per pound varies by each seller, so you can shop around for the best rates before you buy.


How to Store Live Lobster

Time is of the essence when you buy live lobster online. While you should ideally cook the lobster the same day they arrive, you can store the lobster for an additional day. To keep the lobsters alive, stick them in a very cold refrigerator in a container like a cardboard box. You should also place a dampened piece of newspaper in the container to provide moisture for the lobsters.

Keep an eye on the lobsters to make sure they are still alive. Fresh is best when it comes to cooking lobsters, so you should plan your delivery to align with the day you want to cook them.


Why Buy Live Lobster Online?

Even though some grocery stores sell live lobsters, the quality of the lobsters you buy straight from Maine cannot be beat. Trust us on this one. When you buy online, the lobsters arrive at your door within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase. At the grocery store, the lobsters could be sitting in a tank for several days.

Maine lobster sellers take great pride in the lobsters they catch and sell. Their care for their work translates to the excellent quality of the lobsters and reliable delivery service. The next time you need live lobsters, consider buying them online.

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