Online lobster shipping is a fast and easy way to purchase lobster. You can order live lobster, lobster tails, and lobster meat online for the next day. Not ready to cook a lobster tomorrow night? Order lobster in advance of a special day and really impress your guests.

If you’re ready to place your lobster order, start by finding the best company for lobster delivery. Companies that excel in shipping lobsters really stand out as providers who have put effort into streamlining lobster shipping and handling. Here are a few we’ve highlighted for their simple and effective shipping procedures.

Our Top Maine Lobster Delivery Companies

Category Company Most Popular Size Average $/Item* Customer Ratings Go To
Highest Customer Ratings Lobster Anywhere 2 lb. $68.95 5.0
Best for Sustainability Crab Place 2 lb. $59.79 4.5
Best for Lobster Tails Cameron’s Seafood 12 oz. $79.99 4.7
Best Variety Fulton Fish Market 2 lb. $65.99 4.6
Best for Lobster Meat Wulf’s Fish 1 lb. $57.00 4.8
Most Frequent Discounts Get Maine Lobster 1.5 lb. $69.99 4.6
Best Website Experience Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op 1.5 lb. $77.49 4.6
Best for Smaller Lobsters Sanders Lobster Company 1.5 lb. $67.50 4.5

*Estimated cost of one item in the company’s most popular size.


Those looking for different sizes should check out our lobster directory. If you’re new to lobster shipping, or if you’re a lobster fisher looking to get into the shipping game, this guide will walk you through some of the practices the best companies use


Your 4-Step Guide to Lobster Shipping

The process of ordering lobster online is so simple that you could start it today and enjoy a lobster dinner as early as tomorrow night. These 4 easy steps should have your lobster shipping in no time:

  1. Pick your seafood. In this case, you’ll choose from different types of lobster products, like lobster tail, lobster meat, and live lobster.
  2. Pick your amount. You’ll need to figure out which size lobster you want, and how many to order. Consider ordering extra for some delicious leftovers.
  3. Schedule the delivery. Online seafood retailers are experts at overnight shipping. You can schedule next-day shipping, depending on the company’s cut-off time, or you can schedule an order in advance.
  4. Unbox and cook. Schedule the delivery for a time that you’ll be home. If you can’t be home, instruct the delivery person to leave the lobster shipping boxes in a shaded area. Unpack the lobster and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook.


Lobster Product Options

There are a few different products available for lobster shipping. Typically, seafood companies will offer lobster tails, lobster meat, and/or live lobster. Read on to learn a little about each lobster product, as well as some delivery considerations.

  • Lobster Tails – Lobster tails are a wonderful option for customers who want delicious lobster flavor without all the effort of preparing a live lobster. Tails are sold in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, and they will ship frozen. Lobster tails are a great main dish, but they can also work as a decadent side.
  • Lobster Meat – Lobster meat is an incredible addition to many of your favorite recipes. It’s much less expensive than other types of lobster, but the flavor is still wonderful. Add lobster meat to salads, quiches, sandwiches, and soups and taste the difference yourself.
  • Live Lobster – Live lobster is usually the most popular choice. The lobsters travel in sealed, cooled containers to stay alive until you’re ready to prepare them. This involved delivery process does cost a little extra, but the satisfaction of a lobster dinner is worth it. If things don’t go smoothly, check out these tips for if the lobster is dead on arrival.


Lobster Shipping: From The Sea To Your Door

So, how does the lobster make it to you? Let’s find out!

  1. Selection: Shipping lobsters can put a lot of stress and strain on the animal, so only the liveliest and healthiest crustaceans should make the cut. When a customer places their order, an employee will find a lobster of the selected size and quickly assess its health.
  2. Packaging: There are no state-mandated guidelines around how lobster shipping boxes, but most companies use the same techniques to preserve the animals while in transit. The live lobsters are packaged into Styrofoam lobster shipping boxes alongside cooling agents, like ice and gel packs. Keeping the shipping container cold is essential, as a warm box could kill the crustaceans.
  3. Shipment: The actual shipping part of the process is what separates companies from each other. Some providers have dedicated relationships with shipping partners. Some smaller companies need to ship packages individually, dropping them at a local FedEx or UPS location. In all cases, though, lobsters will travel by air or ground to their final destination.
  4. Arrival: When the lobster arrives in the destination city or town, it is then transferred to a delivery person to complete the final shipping mile. From there, the lobster packaging for shipping will be left on your doorstep – or in a garage, per any instructions you leave for the delivery person.


How to Receive Your Lobster Order

Once the box arrives at your door, it is important to keep the lobsters as chilled as possible. If you have refrigerator space, move them there and wrap them in wet newspaper. In most cases, keeping lobsters inside the lobster packaging for shipping is the easiest solution. When you’re ready to cook, remove the lobsters from the box one at a time, grabbing them by the body when possible.


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